Sara Jean Underwood

Kelly Bensimon Tries To Fight Off Sara Jean Underwood in a Battle of Vegas Pimpstresses

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a fair fight, as our deep-seeded lust for all things Sara Jean Underwood doesn’t just put her on a pedestal above other women, it puts her in a place that where once we start ogling her, we often skip meals, or forget to breathe, or semi-important things like that.

Nevertheless, the two main pimpstresses in Vegas this past weekend were Sara Jean Underwood, working and twisting her hot body for Tabu nightclub promotions, while across The Strip, New York City Housewife Kelly Bensimon wore basically a bathing suit to hawk Tao nightclub. It was quite the show of show-womanship to move sinners from craps table to $30 cocktails inside the clubs. Like the rube-shuffle.

Now, we’re already casting our vote for Sara Jean as hottest pitch lady, but for those of you who can’t shake your hot mom fantasies, we have no problem with you working Kelly into your naughty MILF fantasies. Hey, what happens on Egotastic! stays on Egotastic!  Enjoy.


Sara Jean Underwood Shows Cleavage in a Skin Tight Black Dress

Sara Jean Underwood Bare Booty, Emmy Rossum Bikini, and Elizabeth Gillies Sucking a Popsicle Head Up Our Sextastic Twitpic Round

It just keeps getting better and better. Like an old box of Oreos or sex with hairy women, the more we dig, the more we’re finding ogle-worthy gems of the self-published sextastic from our very favorite celebrities, who just can not stop taking pictures of them hotselves to share with the rest of the world. Thankfully so.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes our be-lusted Emmy Awesome in a bikini, Sara Jean Underwood flashing her sexy cans, Kendall Jenner bikini moments, Lucy Pinder barely covering herself, Elizabeth Gillies giving us naughty thoughts, Jessica Simpson cleavage, and just a ton more must-see private time photos from your ogle-worthy celebs. Check them out. And, enjoy.

Miley Cyrus, Courtney Stodden, Stella Hudgens and Much More Self-Published Hotness in This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Today’s goody box of sextastic celebrity on celebrity photography is just extraordinary. Not that we don’t always revel in the self-shot body shots routinely streaming from the cell phones and cameras of our belusted young ladies, but today, well, it’s a treasure trove of true keepers. I really must insist you check them all out, else face losing your merit badge in ogling.

Today’s Sextastic Twitpic roundup includes Miley Cyrus being Miley in her panties on set, Vanessa Hudgens little sister Stella Hudgens coming into her own bikini ways, Courtney Stodden flashing her scandalous body, Sara Jean Underwood cleavetastic, Kari Byron hotness, Maria Menounos bikini top, and so much more must-see goodness. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Taylor Momsen Sideboob, Sara Jean Underwood Topless, Eva Mendes Crazy Sexy and Much Much More…

Odette Yustman Goodies in Movie ‘The Unborn’
Click To See Uncensored

All hail Friday. I stand not alone in my love of the last of the weekdays, the day before the day I get my worst hangover of the week, and that’s saying something. A five-day journey through the sextastic, culminating in our big stew of skin we like to call Reader Finds, where we literally let it all hang out.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the bodacious boobtastic likes of Taylor Momsen with some on-stage sideboob, Sara Jean Underwood stills without clothing, Eva Mendes in a single, super crazy sexy photo, model Saskia De Brauw nekkid on camera, Michelle Bombshell McGeee equally nekkid in a few tasteless caps from her sex tape, Odette Yustman onscreen camel toe, Aubrey O’Day nipple slip in a bikini, Katy Cocktease in a cleavy photoshoot, model Sara Stephens in some wicked almost not there lingerie, and brunette hotite Lindsey Strutt in a sweet hot topless photoshoot. Enjoy.

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The Case for Sara Jean Underwood As Hottest Playmate of the Year Ever

Sara Jean Underwood Classic Playboy Nekkid Photos
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I don’t like when I get angry letters. I go through the various stages of angry email receipt. Denial, anger, drinking, sadness, and more drinking. I am human. If you prick me, do I not bleed?

So when I suggested the other day that hottest Playboy Playmate of the Year was an open contest fair for free and honest discussion, the Sara Jean Underwood fan club (aka SJU Killer Hit Squad) came after me hard and fast. It was like being virtually raped to the Concentration board game timer.

Now, I am not arguing against the notion that Sara Jean Underwood deserves consideration for bestest ever PMOY, it’s just that I hate to make definitive statements when it comes to hotness. But what say you?

** To see more, MUCH MORE of Sara Jean Underwood nekkid, check out her page on and Playboy Plus. **

Is Sara Jean Underwood The All-Time Hottest PMOY?

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Sara Jean Underwood Sweaty Sexy Boobtastic in Men’s Fitness (VIDEO)

Holy Sara Jean Faptastic!

Holy all things that are holy. How did Sara Jean Underwood just get even hotter????

Last month, we brought you the Sara Jean Underwood pictorial spread from Men’s Fitness magazine, the magazine for all your hard body needs, and the double entendre on hard bodies definitely applies now in this smoking hot video of Sara Jean from the scene of her photoshoot.

Holy superheated cockles.

Sara Jean Underwood, in a barely there top covering her sweaty hot chest puppies in full bloom in her workout and boxing pleasure gear — could this possibly be too much sextastic for one man too handle? I don’t know, but you can ask me again after I regain consciouness. Enjoy.