Sara Jean Underwood

Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching? Oh, Katy Perry, Adriana Lima, and Maria Menounos Flashing Fun Parts (VIDEOS)

In this week’s edition of, Hey, Bill, Whatcha Watching, I truly reveal the inner sanctum of my soul by confessing to the fact that I love smoking hot women who likes to show off their bodies for fun, attention, pay, or any of the myriad of complicated reasons for which I promise not to ask follow ups. When a gorgeous woman starts taking off her clothes, don’t ask her why. Just look heavenward and say a little thanks or something. It’s all kind of theoretical to me.

This weekend I’ve been watching tons of cool short form bits of sextastic. Oh, Erika Mitdank teasing white hot in a white tank top, Sara Jean Underwood eating pizza, drinking Bud, and flashing underboob, Katy Perry shot up-butt in concert flashing tuchus suprema, Adriana Lima nipple slipping during a bikini shoot, Maria Menounos deep bends for her health and ours, Hilary Duff incredibly hot BTS, and Kimberley Garner BTS modeling her own swimwear bikini line. Heck, all that and I didn’t have to pay $100 to watch two sweaty guys jousting. Just the girls. Always, just the girls. Enjoy.

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Sara Jean Underwood Lingerie Photoshoot Will Have You Eating Lace

Sara Jean Underwood in lingerie might sound like Sara Jean Underwood in too much clothing, but Gavin von Karls photoshoot is anything but too much, except too much ridiculous hotness.

That little minxy body attached to other glorious parts not so little, the blonde locks, and the girl next door come hither smile, it’s all working with a booty nonpareil to boot. Some lingerie was simply meant to be eaten. Did I just say that? I believe I did, yes. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Red Cleavy and Hot in Vegas

Now, that’s the ticket. If you’re going to pay a lady to be a super fine pimpstress for your Vegas nightclub, quit pussyfooting around with Jersey Shore cast-offs and reality show make-up cakers, and go straight to some minxy total hotness like Sara Jean Underwood. While I still remain unconvinced of the power of a celebrity promotions girl to get me to go to some club (versus the simple power of an attainable girl asking me to come anywhere with her, which I would do, without question, because I’m a guy, and stupid, and horny), if you’re going to have one, get Sara Jean Underwood.

Sara Jean was just a little knockout in her cleavetastic red dress. It speaks of Vegas. Sin City. And possibilities. While your ‘what happens in Vegas’ may not end up being Sara Jean herself, you certainly can think of her when your ‘stays in Vegas’ turns out to be a BBW with a sprained elbow from yanking the nickel slots downtown. Enjoy.

An Ode Upon Sara Jean Underwood Cleavetastic Self-Awareness

There’s nothing truly hotter than a sextastic girl who knows she’s got the goods to make you look, and then showing a whole heaping load of those goodies by way of social media just to remind everybody that she knows that you know that she knows she’s going to give you a pain in your shorts. Okay, that same girl nekkid is technically hotter, but let’s not parse on a day when our belusted minxy bombshell Sara Jean Underwood uploads one of our favorite images of the fanboy faptastic favorite ever.

Getting ready for some pimping radio show in Detroit, Sara Jean got the puppies in just the perfect position to promote away any and all things needed downstairs from her hotel room. Whatever it is she was selling, I’m sure every red blooded boy in attendance was ready, willing, and hoping to be able to buy.

And, thus concludes our ode. So hot. Enjoy.

Heidi Klum Subathing Topless, Sara Jean Underwood Motorboating, and Emma Roberts Panties Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

The holiday season hardly puts a a damper on the 365-days a year effort of our favorite celebrity hotties from self publishing skin-filled pictures of themselves to keep their fans chomping at the bit for more. Sort of all-year round not so secret sextastic Santa Claus series of givings, with images of their own hot-selves as the presents. It’s fairly genius.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes a few hot shots of super hottie Candice Swanepoel, Candace Bailey motorboating Sara Jean Underwood, Amanda Bynes cleavage, Heidi Klum sunbathing sans top, Ashley Tisdale dancing, and much much more. You owe it to St. Nick, the patron saint of toy trains (and never received GI Joe action figures for me) to check out each and every one of these celebrity self-published pics. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood: Daniel’s Gift to You This Thanksgiving


Sara Jean Underwood. Twitpics. Esquire MIMP. Playboy. Bustice. Nuff Said.

Look, it’s hard to root against any guy who roots for the sexy former Playboy model and AOTS fearless reporter, Sara Jean Underwood. Even if he does use the ‘Nuff Said’ tag that I believe was officially buried in 2005 (and now second only in anachronistic annoyance to ‘And, you’re welcome’.)

Still, EgoReader ‘Daniel’ is right. Not only is Sara Jean Underwood super smoking hot and often super nekkid, she is also actively exhibiting her ridiculously sextastic form in a variety of media and tons of photo shoots and videos making her a true leader in not just quality, but quantity. And eff anybody who says that doesn’t count for something big!

This Thanksgiving, quit gnawing on that drumstrick and start ogling these ten amazing photos of the mighty fine Sara Jean Underwood.

Sara Jean Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski Slap Sloppy Meat Together in Hot Carl’s Jr. Commercial (VIDEO)

You know we love red meat here at Egotastic! I mean, the burger kind and the red meat on the bones of super hotties like Sara Jean Underwood and Emily Ratajkowski who the purveyors of fine meat, Carl’s Jr., have brought together for another sweet combination of hot girls and burgers.

It’s a marriage made in greasy sextastic heaven. Enjoy.

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