Sara Jean Underwood Tries On Sexy Outfits On Snapchat

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bill-swift - June 22, 2017

Every woman gets dressed every day. Save for the various dominatrixes in my life who insist I do that for them. But only Sara Jean Underwood among a select few film the process of figuring out what to wear on Snapchat so that we all may join in the daily ritual of watch her pixie prurient body in various forms of things we'd like to take off her later in the day.

The dangerously hot petite but busty perfect nymph doesn't really want your fashion advice. Hint, she knows you like the tight see-through white tank top that bare her boobtastic. It's all a game. A wonderfully perfect game that finally makes shopping with women fun. Remember all those times told to sit down and shut up while mom bought things at the store? Now that hell has turned to heaven in the form of Sara Jean Underwood and her faptastic female form.

Hot women makes everything better. It's true. Even in my dreams of the Island of Amazon prisons. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Snapchat