Sara Jean Underwood

Jessica Alba, Sara Jean Underwood, and Aubrey O’Day Among the Hotties Showing Off in This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

It's something like a phenomenon, baby. These hot celebrities just can't stop celebrating their own hotness by way of Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and other media where they get to control what goes out there of their own image. And, by control, I mean they simply can't get enough of showing themselves off to the general public. Without egos, there'd be no Egotastic!

This week's Sextastic Twitpic Roundup includes the precious delights of Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara partying together on Cinco De Mayo, Sara Jean Underwood flashing her every ready cleavage, Adrianne Curry in some memorably revealing poses, Aubrey O'Day showing lots of nekkid butt, and so much more goodness, it must be seen to be be-lusted. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Camel Pose Will Amaze As Nekkid Yoga Continues


Our poor mailman, Not So Speedy Delivery, has been inundated with sacks and sacks of letters from EgoReaders demanding more Sara Jean Underwood nekkid yoga poses from her Playboy venture. For some reason, there's been a sudden uptick in interest in yoga among men. It must be the cute little roll-up mats.

Well, today, feast your athletically inclined peepers upon the 'Camel Pose' as the minxy hot and entirely without clothing Sara Jean Underwood shows you that not all camels on Egotastic! require stretch pants to be awesome. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga Pose-Off: The Bridge vs. The Eagle in Epic Contortion Showdown (You Get to Vote!)


I honestly can't remember a time here on Egotastic! where we got flooded with more fan mail, and just one or two little boxes with ticking sounds inside, insisting, pleading, begging, and downright offers of bizarre anatomic acts in order to see more of the minx-mazing body hotness of Sara Jean Underwood and her nekkid yoga posing from Playboy.

And, since we're bowing to the unruly mob, why not turn this into a chance to first-ever test out our user voting polls to see if you can decide betwixt awesome and more awesome as Sara Jean Underwood presents both the nekkid Eagle pose and the nekkid Bridge post. It's yogatastic.

Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Yoga Tidal Waves Rolls on With ‘Plow Pose’


I feel like Santa hitting the mailbox around Yuletide, and, no not just because my belly rolls when I laugh and I smell of mulled wine 24x7, but because of our overflowing mailbox with present-related requests, granted, the presents requested are more nekkid picture of Sara Jean Underwood from her amazing Playboy yoga series, and, let's also be real, all these letters are from the 'naughty boy' section.

But who are we to deny the spirit of giving with only eight months until Christmas, hence, feast your peepers upon the hot nekkid minx, Sara Jean Underwood, demonstrating the 'Shoulder Stand with Plow Pose'. I guarantee it'll have you feeling fertile. Enjoy.

Kaley Cuoco, Bar Refaeli, and Miley Cyrus Featured In This Week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Vanity isn't just for celebrity breakfast anymore, it's now driving more and more of our sextastic hotties to check themselves out in the mirror and say 'Damn, I'm fine, the world needs to see some of this.' Snap snap. And to the web they go with their photos of their favorite subjects -- themselves -- which works out just about perfect for us gentleman oglers.

This week's sextastic Twitpic roundup includes self-contributions of hotness from the likes of Kaley Cuoco in little bikinis, Bar Refaeli looking ever hot, Miley Cyrus in love with her own legs, Sara Jean Underwood forever in a bikini and about a bazillion more sweethearts self-portraiting themselves straight into our loins. You owe it to yourself to feed their vanity. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Smoking Sideboob Gym Hot in Men’s Fitness Magazine

We've been seeing quite a bit of the sextastic minx Sara Jean Underwood of late, but quite a bit just isn't nearly enough for this alluring hottie.

In her brand new pictorial for Men's Fitness magazine, the G4TV hostess and former Bunny shows off an entirely new and outrageous level of hotness, all kinds of boxer sweaty and sideboob hot at the gym. Sometimes, a little bit of clothing can be quite a tease, and this is, no doubt, a very little bit of clothing.

Sara Jean Underwood has got a special gift for bringing warm feelings to men (and you ladies out there we know our ogling quietly right alongside us). We hope she never forsakes her special gift. Enjoy.

Sara Jean Underwood Nekkid Warrior Posing Brings Zen To Your Wicked Garden


When we brought you Sara Jean Underwood nekkid Playboy yoga workout posing in the Downward Dog position, we thought it was pretty hot, you guys thought it was crazy hot, and you've been banging our gongs ever since for more.

So, welcome to the super hot minxtress, Sara Jean, in Warrior pose and Reverse Warrior, the combination of two will surely seal your defeat, or at least your need to privately recover in the bathroom. I feel the burn already. Enjoy.

P.S.  You can see the video HERE.