Sara Jean Underwood Sexy on Social Media

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aldo-vallon - August 18, 2017

 Sara jean Underwood is giving me a semi-wood under my jeans. Give it a few more minutes and I might be able to upgrade it to a redwood. From what I hear the redwood forest is not doing too well so it is probably in need of a new member, pun intended. Under normal conditions, I would not consider myself qualified, but with the redwoods desperation and Sara's inspiration, I just might be able to make the cut.

I am a little confused by her name. The name Sara Jean Underwood seems more fitting for a woman riding on the middle seat of a lifted truck with a fat lip of dip and a spitter in one hand with a beer in the other. I am not judging, I would take her either way. But it is quite the juxtaposition to see her in places that I could only afford in my dreams. The same dreams where I am also referred to as a redwood. I would like to think it is not too far fetched to hope that one day I gain that title, but that would probably require going after women that are close to qualifying as dwarves.    


Photo Credit: Instagram