Pixie Lott

Lily Allen Nip Slip, Pixie Lott Upskirt and Rita Ora Cleavage Highlight the V Festival in England

Lily Allen at V Festival in England
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The British ladies were getting down and barely-dressed dirty at the V Festival concert over the weekend in Jolly Old England, strutting about the stage in various costumes that would make your mother blush and your grandmother probably be arrested.

Lily Allen probably won the evening by baring her nipple and ta-ta betwixt an open top with no bra, flashing her udder to the utterly enchanted concert crowd. Lily is not a particularly shy young pop star, much like Pixie Lott who seems to be flashing her knickers on stage with great regularity, prompting ticket prices in the front rows to be valued rather high for the gentleman ogler. Icing the cake was Rita Ora who hates clothes these days, flashing her deep cleavage and showing off her gym-toned body with barely any wardrobe on at all. As for the music of the event… yeah, that’s right. It matters not. The bodies were hot and preening. That’s worth your entry fee right there. Enjoy.
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Pixie Lott Showcases Her Multiple Talents in London Cleavetastic Arrival

If you’re going to have an evening dedicated to your music in London, why not showcase your lovely knockers at the same time. There’s no reason you can’t mix your twin talents together at one time. Heck, if I had more than one talent, let alone one, I’d show them all off. Such is the case with Pixie Lott headed to a hotel where she was featuring an evening of her music.

Pixie seems a bit on the early side of career accomplishments to be having such an event, but who am I to judge, let alone care, when she shows up in a jacket without a bra flashing a whole bunch of her blessed boobtastic. That is sweet music right there. As for showcasing, well, I’m just using the zoom function for that effect. Enjoy.

Pixie Lott Mesh Bra Fashion Statement in London

I’m not the biggest fan of Pixie Lott the teeny bopper musical talent, or her choice of eyewear for that matter, but if you’re talking revealing wardrobe and her choice of bra tops, I have to give the thumbs up. Yes, that is my thumb.

Pixie has a growing history of being a bit like a junior league Miley Cyrus, not quite as raunchy as England will only put up with so much outright sexual innuendo and flashing, but still, in the mold of a show-me girl who likes giving the fans a solid bodily tease. I like that quality in a woman. There’s a time and place for the quiet, reserved, conservative girls, and a time for the girls who love to flash their booties and hooters. The time for the latter is always and forever. Well done, Pixie Lott. Good show. Enjoy.

Pixie Lott Gets Jiggy With It For London Club Time

I’m going to go ahead and assume the G-A-Y nightclub in London is not the hangout of all that many men who love the sextastic ladies in the lustful manner. However, when the female divas hit the stage there, they tend to get crazy wild and showy, pulling out all stops in their stretching, preening, and baring routines. We’ve seen more than one pop star get nekkid on stage there, or some sweet thong baring shows in the least.

Blonde rambunctious Pixie Lott took her turn on the stage there over the weekend, showing off her toned legs and working her midsection like her life depended on it. It was quite the public display of amazing body. We wished Pixie had shown even more skin, but she did manage to secure tons of screaming applause. Sort of like I’m doing right now in my office checking out her moves. It’s why I keep the Motley Crue cranked up. Nobody wants to hear a grown man oohing. Enjoy.

Pixie Lott Performs In a Dress So Short We Can Sneak a Pretty Peek

British pop diva Pixie Lott has fascinated me since first I laid peeps upon her. While her music mostly bemuses the younger crowd, her innocent but exhibitionist stage antics with short dresses and upskirt peeks provides just enough happy happy fun time visuals for you to offer to take your niece and her friends to the show, if you must.

In Birmingham. Pixie performed for the holiday time Free Radio show and flashed a little of her keester and up and under her extremely short dress, although prepared so such a reckoning, still a tingly fun ogling opportunity for this blonde pixie delight. Eventually, naturally, we would like to see more of Pixie Lott. Much more. All good things eventually do come to those who wait, especially those who wait with cameras with telescopic lenses pre-positioned in strategically savvy locations. Enjoy.

Pixie Lott Nipples Manage to Poke Through Batgirl Top

We love a gal with powerful nipples. Pixie Lott and her pert particulars managed to poke through even her rubbery-spandex type top at the Q Awards in London last night. I’m not sure what the Q Awards are, but if they have anything to do with looking sextastic and having strong nipples, I suppose Pixie Lott was being honored as well.

We have a thing for all girls named Pixie, but it doesn’t hurt to be a petite blonde hottie with poking power. In fact, it helps quite a bit. Bravo to your nips, Pixie Lott, and your batgirl type chesty homage. Enjoy.

Pixie Lott See-Through Top and Upskirt Peek Provide a Double Dose of Sexy Celebrity

Pixie Lott hit the town in an outfit this fashion-retarded ogler can certainly get behind, a nice little see-through number that flashed a serious view of the bra-clad boobage on the 20-year old pop diva in the making. Throw in the fact that the young darling has yet to perfect the automobile exit without flashing some visuals up her skirt, and Pixie Lott is quickly becoming a paparazzi favorite to follow.

In a more perfect world, all sexy celebrities would be compeled by law to wear see-through tops. Don’t even get me started on the ‘Commando’ legislation I have in mind. But, until Eden returns, we must accept the fact that some bit of cloth will occasional come between our retinal cones and our objects d’ lust. Enjoy.