Pixie Lott Blonde Leggy Hottie After Performance

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michael-garcia - August 16, 2016

English singer and all around hottie mchottiepants, Pixie Lott, was spotted in a super short dress after one of her performances. The gold skirt barely went past her hoo-ha which gave us a nice view of her long, luscious legs. Pixie is super hot, even if she does have kind of a weird name. Can you imagine calling out "Pixie!" in the heat of passion? I could, because she's really sexy and I can get over a bizarre name. That's something parents probably don't think about when they are naming their kids, what it will sound like called out during sex, I mean. But I digress. All I do know is that strange name or no, those stems are off the chain, as a 90's rapper might have said.

I couldn't tell you one of Pixie's songs if you put a gun to my head. Now a Pixies song, no 's, that I know. Because I'm old as hell.


Photo Credit: FameFlynet