Pixie Lott Pink Bikini Bottoms on Holiday

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aldo-vallon - August 22, 2017

 My grandma used to knit us afghans that looked just like the top that Pixie Lott is wearing. After a few years they would get snagged on different things and the holes would get bigger. Before you knew it those blankets turned into human nets. I wish I had the good sense to just go outside wearing one like it was a normal piece of attire. Instead I would freak out and run around in circles until I ran into a wall and knocked myself unconscious. Her way is a lot easier. Plus, she has an unending number of men willing to help her out of her clothes at any given time. All I had were a couple of sadistic brothers who were the reason I was in that death trap to begin with. 

I must say, it looks better on her than it ever did on me. But that might have had more to do with me being a prepubescent boy in a stretched out blanket, and not a model with boobs in a top that was made to be worn like that. I would be willing to bet that mine was more comfy though. My grams always used the good material. I would have had her knit me some underwear if I did not think she would disown me for it. 


Photo Credit: Backgrid