Pokies On Pixie Lott: Hott Or Nott?

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earl-jonas - November 18, 2017

This is something that we're really going to need your help with, because here at the office, we're torn as to whether or nott Pixie Lott is hott. Obviously we're not talking about her face, which is breathtaking, but instead are pondering the sextasticness of her teaters in this bedazzled satin gown. The pokie potion that is hard nips against a satin dress is as intoxicating as ever in these pics, but we've definitely gotten more out of the twenty-eight-year-old sassy starlet in the past, and lowering our expectations hardly seems beneficial to anyone. Lott is a British singer who moonlights as a model and actress and pretty much anything else that ails you. While you decide if Lott is Ego-worthy in her current state, check out her best work yet - multiple previous panty peeks over at Egotastic All Stars from her heyday. Time for a comeback Pixie. Or is it? You decide.   


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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