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egoadmin - February 14, 2020

Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus is a legend as far as I'm concerned. I know that with every Miley post comes Miley haters who hate her for whatever reason. Some find her ugly, some find her annoying, but I am a believer.

I approach it like I approach anything, and that is all about context.

If you can embrace that she's a Disney trained performer. One could call her one of Disney's puppets and that Disney basically controls the entire world with all their media properties. Then you can accept her fake edginess as "Disney Produced" edginess, designed to speak to a specific market, while giving dudes outside of that market great nude content for the last 5 or more years. I don't remember the specific date Miley accepted her fate as being a Disney Kid who was to break free from Disney through nudity, despite still being on Disney's payroll, but it has been a while.

All tactics to keep an audience interested and I am interested!

I know that the Mullet is a bit terrifying, it may remind you of Hockey in the 90s, maybe a trucker that inspired you to lock your doors once while on a road trip, maybe some back woods living in a old refrigerator eating canned goods because your parents are related VIBE. But I dig it and I dig the inspiration, or "Inspo" if you speak "instagram" that Miley brings to a generation.

An Icon, manufactured in a factory, is still an Icon as far as I'm concerned.

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