Pink Topless Almost to Save the Animals Almost

I support the animals to the extent that I can still eat them and look at all the celebrities getting nekkid on their behalf? Yes, I can have my calf and eat it too. Aww, cute calf. Yum veal. The point is, we can both win in this equation. Take for instance Pink, the latest famous person to take her clothes off and almost get nude to stop furriers from de-furring critters. I’m not sure it does much good, but I know it doesn’t do anything bad. And we get to see Pink covering her funbags with her knees. That has to count for something. Just ask the next skinned sable if he isn’t feeling just a little bit better about this world.

I threw in some Pink bikini pictures just to leave you with a good feeling. I hope no children were harmed in the making of her vacation fashions. Or animals. Bless us one and all. Enjoy.

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Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Pink Put on Crotch and Booty Show for 56th Grammys Glory

You know I’m not a big fan of awards shows. I’m not a big fan of tears and drama and shtick just so artists who already do quite alright for themselves can spend an evening handing each other trophies. Trophies are for Little League kids. Adults don’t really need trophies. Maybe if you invent a cure for cancer or something you get something for your mantle. But not singing a catchy ditty.

Nevertheless, the awards shows like the Grammys do bring out the sextastic celebrities, including the performers like Beyonce, Katy Perry, and Pink, all of whom felt the artistic obligation to flash their booties and crotches for the cameras in advancement and enhancement of their audio arts. It was quite a show in that regard. Somehow I’ve omitted Madonna and her top hat and cane. Oops. Enjoy.

Pink In Polka Dot Bikini Pictures from Down Cabo Way

Pink may not be your classic model type, but, well, she is Pink. And she’s rarely showing off in a bikini these days, since becoming a mom and getting all grown up and such. But, such as it is, our tree-lined camera assassins do love to use their telescopic lenses on the resort down in Cabo for some blurry, but quite colorful views of the pop diva.

Maybe Pink is down in Mexico regrouping or trying to figure out a strategy to compete in the new world of crazy exhibitionism put on by her peers, or, maybe she’s just having some cocktails and blowing off some steam, all we do know is she likes her polka dots and her tattoo ink. She also puts on one hell of a stage show. Enjoy your down time, Pink. We’ll be up here in the trees if you need us.

Pink (and Bai Ling) Bikini Pictures

I didn’t know Pink and Bai Ling were friends, but apparently they are, and they enjoy kayaking, long walks on the beach, and probably crack, cuz these two ladies is crazies. Still, I am contractually obligated to post these Pink and Bai Ling bikini pictures, so lets get to it, shall we.

Photo credit: Splash News

Pink’s Red Bikini is Wrong

Okay, new rule: Just because you can wear a bikini, doesn’t mean you should. Take these Pink bikini pictures for example. You’ve got bleach blonde hair, strange tattoos, including matching bows on the back of her thighs, a 60s-style red and white polka-dot bikini, and just about the fugliest, floppiest hat ever. It’s like Brigitte Nielsen meets the Coppertone girl were put in a blender, and this is what came out. Not a good mix.

More pink bikini pictures after the jump.


49th Annual Grammy Awards Mega Picture Post

Well, another Grammy Awards suck-fest has come and gone, and it was as boring as ever. I missed the first half of the show, but if it was anything like the second half, I probably would have fallen asleep and then missed the second half.

Even the presenters and award winners seemed to be bored, and the musical acts were just as crappy. The whole show suffered from a complete lack of anything remotely resembling a pulse, and it was obvious the whole way through.

Furthermore, most A-List stars were noticeably absent, and there seemed to be more actresses in attendance (promoting what latest film they’re in) rather than actual musicians. Of course, Scarlett Johansson did manage to let everyone know that even she would have an album coming out in the future.

Anyway, just as the show was predictably boring, it’s not less predictable that we’d have all your red carpet celebrities for you right here. So check out the 150-plus pictures after the jump, then go out and download yourself some real music, not that crap they had at the Grammies.

Grammy Awards Pictures

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2006 MTV Video Music Awards Mega Picture Post

Um, so that sucked monkey balls. Seriously, since when are the Emmy Awards more entertaining (and nipple slippy) than the MTV Music Video Awards. It was painful watching that show. From Jack Black‘s incredibly lame jokes, to the horendous performances that had me hitting the mute button every five minutes, and the absolutely retarded Britney Spears/Kevin Federline thing, watching this show felt like torture.

There were a few highlights, like OK GO doing a live version of their treadmill dance, Abigail Breslin, the little girl from Little Miss Sunshine (one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in a long time), Sarah Silverman‘s dig at Paris Hilton (which could have been better), Al Gore bringing the environment back (like Justin Timberlake is bringing sexy back), and, um… That’s it, actually. This show really sucked. But that live treadmill dance was really cool.

Update: Here’s the video of Watch the Video »