19 Bodytastic Stars With Surprising Real Names

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earl-jonas - June 1, 2017

Some of the biggest (and sexiest) celebrities in Hollywood have spruced up their images by changing their names, and we've got some of the most surprising ones right here. We can't say we care as much about a name as we do a gorgeous body - and if Mila Kunis' real moniker was Crap Buffet we'd still be lining up for seconds - but this is as good of an excuse as any to salivate over pictures of some of our favorites. So, sue us.

While you might be more than aware of of the secrets behind some of these industry names, others, like an actress born with the last name of Cockburn, are bound to surprise you. What's in a name? Couldn't tell you. What's in these pictures? Cleavagetastic celebrities that you need to check out.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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