Pink In Polka Dot Bikini Pictures from Down Cabo Way

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bill-swift - October 5, 2013

Pinkmay not be your classic model type, but, well, she is Pink. And she's rarely showing off in a bikini these days, since becoming a mom and getting all grown up and such. But, such as it is, our tree-lined camera assassins do love to use their telescopic lenses on the resort down in Cabo for some blurry, but quite colorful views of the pop diva.

Maybe Pink is down in Mexico regrouping or trying to figure out a strategy to compete in the new world of crazy exhibitionism put on by her peers, or, maybe she's just having some cocktails and blowing off some steam, all we do know is she likes her polka dots and her tattoo ink. She also puts on one hell of a stage show. Enjoy your down time, Pink. We'll be up here in the trees if you need us.