Rate This Dive: Ireland Baldwin Edition!

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Echo Lawrence - April 29, 2020

I for one like the gamification of everything. Make all internet content a challenge or a competition designed for being ranked, rated and reviewed. Clearly, humans like that kind of thing, why else would sports be so popular. We want to see the best, the craziest, the biggest, the baddest. You get what I am saying.

So in our very own way, that is what this Ireland Baldwin post is about. We are the DIVE judges we always wanted to be, from the comfort of our couches with zero to no knowledge of diving. The dive expert you'd want to be judging you if you don't know a thing about diving.

I give her a 9.5 on 10, her 6 foot tall body has what I'd consider great form from what I am seeing here, but then again, I'm easy to impress when bikinis are involved!!

  • IloveSMELLYsocks says:

    She got some great DLS!!! Super dumb ugly arm tattoo tho!!

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