Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio Wears A Tiny Bikini On Bondi Beach

Aussie model Nicole Trunfio was sporting a teeny tiny bikini on Bondi beach in Australia. Nicole has a solid rack that could barely be contained within the meager fabric of the bikini top. The resulting cleav and sideboob are a thing of beauty. Nicole has the kind of ta-tas that you could motorboat till dawn and then take out for a big waffle breakfast. As if this feast of boobage wasn’t enough, there is also how incredible her booty looked in the string bikini bottom. She’s got a nice shapely thumper that is round without being too big for her frame. She’s in really good shape. Just look at the cut of the top of her crotchecological area as it disappears into her bikini bottom. This is an underrated part of the female anatomy.

Well, I appreciate it. There are few parts of the female anatomy that I don’t find sexy when done right.

Photo Credit: Splash

READER FINDS: Miley Cyrus Topless, Nicole Trunfio Sexy Hot, Elsa Pataky Takes A Shower and Much Much More…

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It’s time, kids. That once a week we all get together with the parachute and flap it around in various formations because it’s raining outside and our teachers are super lazy. Only this parachute contains a full set of sextastic celebrities in various stage of hotness undress. So much better for kids and adults like. I really should be put in charge of bad weather day activities. I’d really turn things around for the happier.

This week’s Reader Finds includes the delightfully hot Nicole Trunfio barely covering her goodies (thank you to EgoReader ‘Nate’ for his contribution), Emmanuelle Seigner topless and covered in milk for skinematics (sweet find from ‘Franklin’), Linda Fiorentino topless in one mega epic bad movie (Linda hotness reigned hard via ‘Thomas T.’), Marie Jose Crozee in the small screen version of The Hunger (lovely tetas provided by ‘Devon’), Marina Shako topless country cowgirl hotness (outdoorsy funbags delivered by ‘Erica’), more Nicole Trunfio glamour shots, this time topless (topless is hard to beat, thanks ‘Orson’), Elsa Patakay topless perfection in the shower (boobtastic blessings from ‘Romeo’), sextastic Beau Garrett topless see-through au natural naughtiness (love the lean ladies does ‘Fredrick E.’), what appears to be Miley Cyrus topless counting money, seems legit, the money part I mean, and a lovely bit of nip slip from Behati Prinsloo post Oscars (both uncovered by helpful ‘David M.’), Amanda Seyfried crazy hot classic shoot (Nordic princess poses via ‘Scott’), and Emily Browning lingerie topless bondage (these only get better, thanks ‘Stephen R.’). I’d recommend perusing this all during your next yard break. You’ll be the hit of Cell Block D. Enjoy.

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Pregnant Nicole Trunfio Topless Treats for Harper’s Bazaar Australia


I don’t see my lust for hot pregnant women as a curse, I see it as a blessing. For one, women will always get pregnant, that’s not ending any time soon. Secondly, the best looking women will always feel a need to show off their pregnancy, that’s a wonderful new thing. And finally, stop judging me! I do so lust the look of stellar women burgeoning with life, not to mention the milky udders that come as part of the package.

Nicole Trunfio has always been one of my Aussie transplant favorites. I actually cheered aloud when she moved to the U.S. to ply her craft, bare her wares, and inevitable produce future attractive next generations from her blessed womb. Why not share the miracle of her work quite unclothed in Harper’s Bazaar Australia. I’m not saying every woman with child should do the same, but let’s start with all the supermodels and expand the program from there. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Australia

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Nicole Trunfio Topless Teats Ridiculously Hot in a Magazine Called Treats

Nicole Trunfio Topless in Treats Magazine November 2014
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My friend Barney Bustamante told me as a kid if you want to get with the girls, you need to learn a little poetry. That was Plan B actually. Plan A was being handsome and the captain of the football team. Plan B seemed lame, but so much more attainable. Oh, the lackluster verses I would pen for Aussie model hottie Nicole Trunfio, she of the long lean hotness variety now on display in Treats magazine.

How happy am I to see one of my favorite Down Under exquisite beauties flashing her glorious funbags in Treats? Oh, there’s no known scale of measurement for such feelings. But it can best be expressed in the audible call of the Spring robin upon learning a mate will allow him to make some eggs in his lady. Best analogy I got. It’s horrible. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Polka Dot Bikini Goodness on the Shores of South Florida

Aussie model Nicole Trunfio seems to have settled in nicely to her move to the United States. She’s dating that musician guy from Texas, she’s living in New York, and she’s showing off her slender model form on bikini vacation in Miami. She’s pretty much nailed down all the domestic model checkboxes in terms of hot girl living.

Nicole was on the beach in Miami showing off her lean fashion model from behind a teeny-weenie polka dot bikini that certainly caught my attention, if not the eyes of a whole gathering of gentleman oglers fortunate enough to spend their time leering on one of the prime pieces of ogle-worthy real estate in the world. We could use more imports like Nicole Trunfio. Let sweet hot good looking women in from all corners of the globe. I think it says something about that on the Statue of Liberty. Or it should. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Is A Very Good Looking Woman At N.Y.C. Film Event

Sometimes I like to rub it in a little bit to our friends from Down Under that while they are a literally gold mine of producing extremely hot female forms, we Americans are often the ex-pat beneficiaries of this amazing farm system. Supremely hot Aussie women like Nicole Trunfio, just one fine country bumpkin turned model, now moved to the shores of our fair nation to increase the overall good lookingness factor. Something about Nicole just screams out to me, really fun girlfriend (for up to six months).

Nicole was out doing her thing in N.Y.C., simply being really good looking at a Calvin Klein sponsored film event in the city. I don’t know if that means there were lots of young adult males running around in their undershorts, either way, we cut them all out so you could just share a moment of pure bliss checking out this sextastic transplant. Australia, you keep producing them, we’ll keep taking them in. Seems like a square deal. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Goes Swimsuit and Lingerie Perty for Palmers, We Go to a Happy Place

Pretty tame stuff, but when it comes to Aussie hottie model and occasional thespianic, Nicole Trunfio, we do so love her body of work, err, her body and how it works.

Featured in the latest Palmers Swimsuit and Lingerie catalog for Spring/Summer 2013, the lean brunette hottie lends her particular talents to an old school style classy showoff shoot. And while old school and classy are two words that have never been used to define our tastes in the past, we think maybe we’re growing up a bit as we learn to appreciate some of the classic beauty styles. While still imagining Nicole completely buck nekkid save for lime green Jell-O shots precariously perched upon some more intimate stations of her body that she challenges us to consume in 60 seconds or less, naturally.

So, yeah, not so classy. But Nicole makes us think naughty thoughts. We are the victims. Enjoy.