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Nicole Trunfio Bikini Pictures Bring a Little Down Under Hotness to Malibu

Ever since sextastic model and Aussie actress Nicole Trunfio set up shop in L.A., well, the sun just seems to shine a bit brighter, the birds chirp a little big more melodic, and the morning wood needs even heartier chopping. She does tend to have that effect on people.

The Down Under hottie was hanging out over the weekend on the beach in Malibu, just doing what she does best, simply tiny bikini, wicked hot model body, and not hiding from any of our prying lenses, which means we get to share in her weekend beach adventures, the best parts of it at least. Enjoy.

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Nicole Trunfio Upskirt Works a Lucky ‘Little Pole’ In Her H&M Outdoor Photoshoot

I'm not exactly sure what this little N.Y.C. cement pole did in a previous life to be ever so lucky in this one, but it must've been something spectacularly karmically positive because Australian hottie thespianic and model Nicole Trunfio was working her open and closed legs and beautiful derriere all across this little lucky man for quite a good deal of time yesterday during a photoshoot for H&M retailers.

Now, I've personally never been to a gentleman's club, because Parcheesi and pizza rolls are as exciting as my evenings out ever get, but I'm told by my good friend Gunther Spack that what Nicole is doing to that pole would cost you about $500 large in an adult establishment and the girl would likely look less like Nicole, and more like the chubby girl Cindy you got to second base with during the school dance while trying to ignore the canker sore dangling from her lower lip.

So, consider this on the house, you lucky little bastard pole. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Big and Pushed Up Busty Smoking Hot in the Big Apple

We have a little big thing for Nicole Trunfio, the Aussie model and erstwhile thespianic we met just a year or so ago.

Perhaps it's because she's tall and super hot with all kinds of come-hither-and-see-if-you-can-afford me looks, or those long legs or perhaps those big new pushed up magnificent melons she was flashing on the streets of New York this week, adding an entirely new dimension, or two, to her hotness factor.

Oh, sure, someday soon we'll be forced to read about Nicole dating Joe Jonas or late night banging Wilmer Valdarrama, but, for now, she's virtually all ours. Enjoy.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Nicole Trunfio, and Ivanka Trump Sexy Up the Vanity Fair Party at the Tribeca Film Festival

Now, color me geo-clueless, but on my way last evening to the Tribeca Film Festival, I somehow got my wires crossed and ended up in an adult cinema on the Lower West Side, and three hours and thirty-seven dollar later after recognizing my boner, err, mistake, I had already missed the Vanity Fair party at the Film Festival which brought out a whole gaggle of hotties showing off their wares.

Thankfully, we got photos. Including Catherine Zeta-Jones, who we see little of these days, but always looks smashing as they say when she comes out to play, Aussie model Nicole Trunfio showing sextastic legs up the wazoo, or very nearly up to her wazoo, Ivanka Trump, who's pretty hot and very rich, so we lust her, Leelee Sobieski who is ever busty and sweet, V.S. model hottie Jessica White, and barely legal Dakota Fanning make her way into the adult world of  evening dress-up that we could not really miss sharing. Quite a party, and you didn't have to keep putting in quarters to keep it going like at my theater. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Katee Sackhoff and Michelle Trachtenberg Pre-Kiss, Rihanna See-Through, Taylor Momsen In-Motion Flash, and Mucho Mucho More


This week's Reader Finds earns you faithful fans a grade of A+ for all your delightfully tawdry discoveries, including bra'd up Katee Sackhoff and Michelle Trachtenberg, see-through Rihanna, taped up topless Nicole Trunfio, pornolicious Sibel Kekilli, Prom queen Elizabeth Gillies, Adriana Lima finally un-V'd, and speaking of taped-up, Taylor Momsen in a gif to remember.

Nicole Trunfio Makes You Wish She Was Your First Time (FIRST LOOK MOVIE STILLS)


We haven't seen much of Aussie super model, Nicole Trunfio, lately. I guess she's been off filming a thriller pic by director, Eytan Rockaway, called My First Time. (If it was about my first time, it'd be less of a thriller and more of a doleful tearjerker, if you know what I'm saying.) What do I lust most about Nicole Trunfio? Too hard a question. She's just hot. And, she's got this 'it' factor that tells this wizened old ogler that she's going places. And when Egotastic! gets some first look stills flashing Nicole Trunfio bare boobs and nipples, we're going places to. Places that require the lights to be turned off. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Hotness Rocks My Southern Hemisphere

Since we posted Nicole Trunfio nipple slip pictures last week, well, my mind has wandered off its usual focus on where to safely and securely bury nuclear waste and onto the long lean body of this Aussie model wunderkind. I can't tell you how many letters we get from Down Under claiming it to be the not-so-secret hot bed of female hotness. Now, I don't play favorites when it comes to national pride and sexy celebs, every country in this world contributes to the giant cauldron of sexy soup I swim in like a happy fly, but, Australia clearly makes a case for some type of medal or trophy or, more importantly, free beer. Nicole Trunfio, my mind's eye is on you.

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