Nicole Trunfio

Nicole Trunfio Shows Off Her Body in a Black Bikini in Miami

Nicole Trunfio Bikini Pictures Candidly Hot and Wickedly Awesome

Nicole Trunfio is one of those ridiculously sextastic women that you know the minute you first see them, you’re never going to forget them.

The Aussie brunette delicious thang is most often seen outdoors during her photoshoots or attending red carpet events, but the chance to see her in her little red bikini, flashing that over-the-moon hot body of hers, those delicious funbags, that long lean body, that rump, and those killer legs. Well, I’m not exactly sure how Miami Beach or its denizen survived the blood rush. Look out Argentinean transplants to Miami, Australia is in the house! Enjoy.

More Miami Heat on the Beach? Nicole Trunfio Bikini Pictures Say ‘Aye!’

Wow, Miami must have been jealous of all the attention the beaches of Italy were getting last week because it just has pulled out all stops, far and wide, to ring in a circle of sextastic bikini sights like no other these past few days.

And you can add to that list Nicole Trunfio, the hottie Aussie transplant to the shores of the U.S., who has brought her body and soul to our fair lands, most importantly of course being that body, on bikini display in Miami amid the sea of so many hot celebrities with the finest of bodies. Though even amid this sea, Nicole Trunfio hot looks can not be missed. She’s a true upper echelon kind of girl. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Doubles Down on the Down Under Awesome in The Hamptons

Here’s the good news, Australia: you’re women are supremely hot. And, the bad news for you: they’re all coming to America. Well, certainly not all, but we are definitely benefitting from the Down Under invasion like nobody’s business of late, not the least of which is the semi-permanent move of ridiculously sextastic Nicole Trunfio to our Northeast corridors, namely The Hamptons this week where the lanky hot brunette has been sweet flitting about in dresses so short that they’re making leg-men shiver their timbers.

Thank you, Australia. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Sexy Legs and All Over Brings Much Needed Heat to ‘Take This Waltz’ Premiere

Well, let’s be honest, as much as we dined and delighted on the nekkid Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams pictures from Take This Waltz, it is a movie by women, for women, about women, and it’s not the sexiest film in the world. So it was quite kindly of super-hot model and actress Nicole Trunfio to show up at the New York premiere of the film and lend her wicked hot body to the red carpet proceedings.

Nicole Trunfio and Egotastic! have a beautifully simple relationship. The sextastic Aussie likes to wear little tiny outfits and super short dresses and we love to ogle her in them. It works out just fine. As fine as those long legs of hers. Enjoy.

Nicole Trunfio Bikini Pictures Bring a Little Down Under Hotness to Malibu

Ever since sextastic model and Aussie actress Nicole Trunfio set up shop in L.A., well, the sun just seems to shine a bit brighter, the birds chirp a little big more melodic, and the morning wood needs even heartier chopping. She does tend to have that effect on people.

The Down Under hottie was hanging out over the weekend on the beach in Malibu, just doing what she does best, simply tiny bikini, wicked hot model body, and not hiding from any of our prying lenses, which means we get to share in her weekend beach adventures, the best parts of it at least. Enjoy.


Nicole Trunfio Upskirt Works a Lucky ‘Little Pole’ In Her H&M Outdoor Photoshoot

I’m not exactly sure what this little N.Y.C. cement pole did in a previous life to be ever so lucky in this one, but it must’ve been something spectacularly karmically positive because Australian hottie thespianic and model Nicole Trunfio was working her open and closed legs and beautiful derriere all across this little lucky man for quite a good deal of time yesterday during a photoshoot for H&M retailers.

Now, I’ve personally never been to a gentleman’s club, because Parcheesi and pizza rolls are as exciting as my evenings out ever get, but I’m told by my good friend Gunther Spack that what Nicole is doing to that pole would cost you about $500 large in an adult establishment and the girl would likely look less like Nicole, and more like the chubby girl Cindy you got to second base with during the school dance while trying to ignore the canker sore dangling from her lower lip.

So, consider this on the house, you lucky little bastard pole. Enjoy.