Iggy Azalea’s Post Pregnancy Booty!

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Tex Hollywood - June 18, 2020

Iggy Azalea who was a compelling or overhyped - depending on how you feel about white rapper who claim to be Miami strippers despite being from Australia. I figure some of you may like her music and dance around in your underwear to it, while others see it as "black face".

She sort of fell off after she was involved in a few scandals and some seriously botched plastic surgeries to give her that booty she got a lot of credit and support for having and we didn't hear much from her for at least a year.

As it turns out, she had a kid with a rapper during that time! It was a big secret pregnancy, no one really spoke about, but I guess last week she revealed what the rumor mill had been spewing!

This is probably photoshopped, her booty likely still fake, it's the way of the land thanks to our leaders - The Kardashians, but it looks good to me!

So check her out in all her "New Mom" form.

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