Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Booty Hot in ‘Boomerang’ Music Video Promo Shoot

Now, I can’t say I’m all too familiar with Nicole Scherzinger the musical artist, once we got past the Pussycat Dolls stage, I stopped following that, but, similarly, the minute Nicole Scherzinger was exited from her duties on X-Factor in the U.S., I stopped watching that show (albeit, honestly, I was never really going to watch that show). I guess you’d call this the boomerang effect.

Which leads us to ‘Boomerang’ which apparently is the highly anticipated music video to some Nicole Scherzinger song, which would interest us little were it not for the form fitting, booty exhibiting photoshoot Nicole did in promotion of the video. It’s just killer hot.

We’ve always know Nicole has had the dancer body, the amazing legs, and when you throw in her supremely hot badonkadonk, there is a package here that we would really like delivered to our front door. Enjoy.

Rihanna Takes on Nicole Scherzinger in Battle of the Hottest Flashed Nighttime Legs

May the Endless Summer of Legs never truly end; I suppose that’s why we do call it the Endless Summer. And it was in full force over the weekend, the evenings, as Rihanna floated out of Las Palmas nightclub in a pair of short shorts that flashed her incredibly toned gams and, across the pond, the super sextastic Nicole Scherzinger was exiting her duties on X-Factor in a slit-zipper dress flashing not one, but two sweet dancer legs that raised the temps in the cool London evening.

How much do we love legs? Well, we are not about to rank body parts, but let’s just say we think they are the most underrated of appendages. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Legs in a Thigh-High Zipper Dress in London

Nicole Scherzinger Cleavetastic Rack for For First Live Evening of X-Factor

I guess it’s a big deal or something when shows like X-Factor go to live performance nights, because instead of being completely staged event, they can only be mostly staged events, and the viewers get all in a tizzy as the sob-stories sing their hearts out for the chance to be the next completely messed up music star. It is a thing. And a wonderful thing at that when X-Factor judge hottie Nicole Scherzinger decides that she’s going to make the first live performance show of the season with a ridiculously, but blessedly, hot and revealing low cut golden dress than flashed a good amount of her golden apples.

Reality TV and singing shows, not necessarily our cup of tea. But hot female boobtastic celebrity hostesses — well, we’d like those two sugar in our tea please (not to mention the milk). Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Deep Cleavage Goodness at the Hollywood Bowl

Former Pussycatter and current supremely sultry hottie, Nicole Scherzinger, brought her pop music and dance act to the Hollywood Bowl last night, and while we can’t actually recommend the auditory experience, we can certainly get behind Nicole’s low cut top and dance moves that flashed her deep cleavage deep into the night.

Hot woman. Long dancer body. Sweet moves. Tiny low cut outfits. The recipe for sextastic success. Enjoy.

Kendra Wilkinson vs. Nicole Scherzinger Battle of the Birthday Girl Vegas Pimps

Celebs dont’ spend their birthdays like you and I, I mean, Hostess Cupcakes and $10 worth of quarters at the local bowling alley arcade might be how I spent every single one of my birthdays since the age of six, but for the likes of Kendra Wilkinson and Nicole Scherzinger, well, you want to go big, AND, you want to get paid.

So Kendra Wilkinson packed up her little suitcase and her former NFL-playing husband to carry it and squaddled off to Pure Nightclub in Sin City over the weekend to flash her bountiful cleavage, get paid her bountiful paycheck, and party til the break of dawn. Sadly, Kendra’s Vegas pimping comes on the heels of her recent announcement that she will no longer be posing nekkid ever again. Which doesn’t mean we don’t love her as much as we used to, it just means we’re going to really have to stretch to find a reason to keep in contact with her.

As for Nicole Scherzinger, well, this brunette hottie dancer and singer and all-around sextastic hit up Tao Nightclub to earn her birthday girl paycheck, flashing a little less cleave than Kendra, but making up for it with so many other fine assets.

Honestly, with how hot both these birthday girls looked, I was halfway to bringing out the spanking machine before I realized how much that would probably cost me with these two. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Dazzles in Gold at Tao Nightclub for Her Birthday