Nicole Scherzinger Sexy White Bikini in Italy

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aldo-vallon - August 14, 2017

 Nicole Scherzinger needs to be careful wearing anything that resembles a fishnet style when in the water. She risks having an old fishermen, who has spent too much time alone at sea, mistaking her for a mermaid and taking her back to whatever lighthouse or cabin he lives in. It would not be a loveless relationship, I am sure he would spend nights serenading her with sea shanties and telling her old tales of his adventures. I bet there are a few old maids out there right now who would be willing to take up that position. But something tells me a girl like Nicole has more than a few better options on the table. For example spending her summers in Italy.  

It is refreshing to see someone wearing fishnet that is not a cross-dressing prostitute propositioning me for a good time. Nicole can feel free to proposition me any time she would like, it is another matter entirely when the one doing the propositioning has a deeper voice than I do. The difference probably has something to do with the placement of the bulges on the respective people. If a bulge falls below the waist or above the chest then this man is tapping out for a sub.    

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Photo Credit: Backgrid