Nicole Scherzinger

Charli XCX and Nicole Scherzinger Heat Up The Metro Radio Live Christmas Show

Charli XCX is really starting to make a pop hottie name for herself. She seems kind of wicked in a Miley but with slightly less obvious exhibitionist kind of ways. I dig that. As I do Charli in her cheerleader costume performing at the Metro Radio Live Christmas Show in England over the holiday weekend. Well, a holiday for us yanks at least. Christmas apparently for the Brits. Charli along with Nicole Scherzinger and her dramatically underrated, no, not singing, but sextastic allure, really stole the show in the chill Anglo breezes of late autumn. Though I’m certain the males in the crowd felt quite warm.

In 2015 I am going to vow to bitch less about how horrible popular music is and re-double my commitment to really just evaluating pop stars on their legs and booties and racks. It’s a sign of maturation I’ve been striving for for years. That and going to the gym every day until January 5th ought to just about round out my new year’s resolutions. Enjoy.

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Nicole Scherzinger Cleavy In Orange In Beverly Hills

Hottie Nicole Scherzinger decided to let the girls out for some air in an orange dress in Beverly Hills. It looks like Nicole is on her way to some kind of business meeting. It’s important in a negotiation to throw off your opponent. I challenge anyone of any sexual orientation to concentrate when looking at that deep cleav. Nicole obviously knows what she’s doing. In my humble opinion, Nicole has some of the best knockers in the biz. I consider myself a bit of an expert on these matters since it’s literally my job to talk about boobs all day. They are big and beautiful and don’t appear to be subject to the laws of gravity. The dress also displayed her lovely long legs. I’ve been a fan of those as well since back in the day when she strutted around in her underwear with the Pussycat Dolls.

Those were the days. Back when women performers didn’t put on airs and just went ahead and wore sexy bustiers on stage.

Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, and Tulisa Contostavlos Highlight the Braless Hotness at the Mobo Awards

I’m not exactly sure what the British Mobo Awarda are for. There are simply too many award shows these days to keep track of them all. There must be fifty between the U.S. and the U.K. and my head is already filled with Flinstones trivia. I have no more space. Suffice it to say, this awards show seemed to encourage its hottie attendees to go braless, so I fully support whatever they were rewarding last evening.

Some of Britain’s finest music industry makers such as Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, and Tulisa Contostavlos showed up the event decked out and looking to show off the hours of hard work in yoga by way of slinky sultry skin tight dresses without much need for undergarment support. I’d like an award show just for sextastic celebrities dressing commando. I know precisely where I’d like to pin the medals. Congratulations to all the winners of awards at this show for who knows what. And congratulations to use gentleman oglers who now get to see the very best bits. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Shows Cleavage In A Low Cut Top In London

Sexy lady Nicole Scherzinger was looking cleavtastic in London. She was basically wearing what amounted to a bra with a jacket open to reveal the goodies. Nicole has a pretty spectacular rack. They are not too big or too small but just right. She’s the porridge Goldilocks ate only, you know, boobs. I remember watching her with delight when she would strut around in bustiers during her Pussycat Dolls days. That’s back when you could just wear underwear on stage and no one would say anything about it. It was a simpler, better time. The glorified bra also showed off some of her tight bare mid-riff. Yes, please, and thank you. She’s also the only reason I watch that Sing-Off show.

My hats off to any gent who has been lucky enough to handle those funbags. Whoever they are they have obviously made better life decisions than me.

Nicole Scherzinger Poses All Kinds of Slinky Hot

You could do worse than having Nicole Scherzinger model your slinky dresses. You could do worse than having her private modeling the Emperor’s New Clothes in your bedroom late one Saturday evening. On the off chance that latter moment doesn’t come to fruition, settle into this Misguided Collection for Fall 2014 with Nicole showing how hot their clothes can look on one super sextastic woman with an absolutely perfect body. Misguided indeed.

Nicole Scherzinger can’t possibly qualify as underrated, but let’s just say she doesn’t get all the attention she deserves for being a world class especially amazing looking woman. I would give her such attention if I ran this world. I’d even document such attention on cell phone video and upload it to my iCloud account with the password ‘BillGetsLucky’.  Just saying, in case the hackers are reading. No reason you can’t release those tapes. Enjoy.


Nicole Scherzinger Bikini Yacht Fun Time Off the Coast of Spain

The hot girls on a yacht summer motif continues as X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger showed off her pussycat dolls in a flattering bikini whilst recreating on a yacht in Formentera. Naturally, I’ll withhold my sentiment about the lucky bastards who can invite sextastic world class model ladies onto their sloops in the warm season and just focus on the perfectly teasing bikini body on the dancer and music judge. Nicole Scherzinger really has some sweet sweet curves.

Nicole Scherzinger in stripes is something I’d paddle my dinghy far and wide to behold. Thanks to modern technology, I don’t have to break a sweat, unless I choose to, ogling Nicole all wet and passion inducing climbing out of the water in stripes. Like one wicked hot water nymph. I must go now and retire to the shower that is cold. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Busting Out All Over

Nicole Scherzinger and her crazy hot body have been all over London of late, showing off in low cut and bare midriff tops, flashing her racktastic and gloriously sculpted booty for the perfect British summer ogling party.

Many people may not know that Nicole is a multi-talented dancer and singer and TV show judge and a bunch of other things that are impossible to remember as you’re imagining her being your girlfriend on a warm summer night at the drive-in. Okay, so they don’t have drive-ins around much anymore, but that’s probably not your biggest blank to fill in in terms of getting your hands into Nicole’s top. Oh, that I would not desperately try. So hot. Enjoy.