Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Catwoman Costume Heals My Halloween Heart

I’d say Catwoman is pretty played out as far as Halloween costumes go, but every time I think to say it, another sextastic celebrity proves that the cliche get-up is still very much alive and thriving, throbbing if you will if you take note of Nicole Scherzinger in her leathery black low-cut body suit.

Nicole looks ridiculously hot in just about anything, but a black shiny showy body suit. Well, if I may, meow. Nicole, call me, I’ve got a bowl of milk and your favorite snuggle basket right at the foot of my bed. Well, technically, in my bed, but that’s just semantic for the types of inter-special fun we’ll experience. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Nipples Poke Through Leather on Chill London Evening

Leather tops seem to be the new hottie rage and I’m all for this fashion statement, especially when it comes along with the poking proud nipples of a sweet sextastic like Nicole Scherzinger. You know it takes a good woman and her proud pointers to poke through cowhide, and Nicole Scherzinger is all good woman. I should know, I’ve been inspecting her for many years now.

Coming out into the chill London air from a nightclub will certainly get your circulation hopping and apparently the blood in Nicole’s body rushed to precisely where I would rush if given half the chance. Bless you, Nicole circulatory system for being a kindred spirit. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Bare Midriff for the Hottest Thing About the X-Factor

That goes for the X-Factor on either side of the pond. Nicole Scherzinger simply has a crazy hot body and she’s not afraid to use it. Or show it off for the cameras, exiting the X-Factor studios to give the entire world a peek at her toned body and wonder how the heck her sweet teats aren’t falling out of her top. That seems to defy both gravity and my prayers.

Say what you will about the X-Factor, it’s insipid, staged, corny, and lining Simon Cowell’s pockets so he can bed more married women, but you can not take away the sight of some nice looking female judges, first and foremost, Nicole Scherzinger.  She makes me want to show her my secret talent. Bird-calling. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Looks Hot Outside X Factor Studios in London

Nicole Scherzinger Nearly Falls Out of Her Top at X-Factor Press Event

Oh, ever so close were we to seeing a wonderful wardrobe malfunction from sultry hottie Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls fame in her low cut outfit at a press event for X-Factor in London.

In addition to being a woman who I would pay one million dollars to to see wash my car in a pair of daisy dukes and a sheer white t-shirt (two million if she drove away with me in the car after to an undisclosed meadow where we defiled each other’s temples), Nicole has been a long time judge on the X-Factor, helping to guide lots of annoying new pop stars into our lives. So, yay for you, Nicole, but mostly for that epic boobtastic near-spill. It could have been glorious. Enjoy.

Damn You, Pasties! Nicole Scherzinger See-Through Goodness Ruined by Nip Cover Ups (But Legs Still Delightful)

Editor’s Note: thanks to the many of you who wrote in to let the world know of the great ‘pasties’ misconception. Those are actually Nicole’s ginormous, wide, broad, nipples. Amazing, but true, she has some serious sucklers. Thanks to all.

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Quite the tease; an almost had glimpse of the delightful chest puppies of Nicole Scherzinger, stopped dead in their red carpet tracks by her trickery of pasties, covering up her headlights beneath a see through dress top at last night’s National Television Awards.

While we were utterly (not to mention, udderly) disappointed at the lack of positive visuals on hot Nicole’s perky pair, we did rejoice in her slit dress leg show, being that we are leg men, and seeing as how the dancer has some of the finest gams in the business. So, a mixed bag of treats if you will from Nicole Scherzinger, a sextastic darling with a bountiful bag of goodies. Enjoy.

Nicole Scherzinger Booty Hot in ‘Boomerang’ Music Video Promo Shoot

Now, I can’t say I’m all too familiar with Nicole Scherzinger the musical artist, once we got past the Pussycat Dolls stage, I stopped following that, but, similarly, the minute Nicole Scherzinger was exited from her duties on X-Factor in the U.S., I stopped watching that show (albeit, honestly, I was never really going to watch that show). I guess you’d call this the boomerang effect.

Which leads us to ‘Boomerang’ which apparently is the highly anticipated music video to some Nicole Scherzinger song, which would interest us little were it not for the form fitting, booty exhibiting photoshoot Nicole did in promotion of the video. It’s just killer hot.

We’ve always know Nicole has had the dancer body, the amazing legs, and when you throw in her supremely hot badonkadonk, there is a package here that we would really like delivered to our front door. Enjoy.