Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Makes Overcoats Sexy Again (Or, You Know, For the First Time Ever)

Freshly single and split from her F-1 driver boyfriend, Nicole Scherzinger put on a brave, and rather sexy face and body for the pimping of London Fog as their new face of the Winter campaign. The X-Factor judge and former Pussycat Doll somehow made overcoats sexy, as opposed to, you know, just for dudes in the park who need an extra eyeful of surveillance.

In addition to her exotic enticing looks, Nicole Scherzinger has got a seriously nice case of the hot dancer body, which means she's going to be leer-worthy for many years to come. And we look forward to watching her every half-nekkid step of the way. Enjoy.

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Ashley Greene, Ashley Benson, and Nicole Scherzinger Put the Sexy Chest in iHeart

Despite a recent unfortunate discovery that Pretty Little Liars sexy actress Ashley Benson is swapping spit with Justin Bieber's 'swagger coach' (where does this line of evil ever end?), she's still ridiculously hot, and along with fellow sextastic celebrities Ashley Greene and Nicole Scherzinger, brought a large dose of the ogle-worthy to the iHeart Music Festival in Sin City over the weekend, where performers who made zero sense performing together, got up on stage to pimp the shizz out of the Internet radio station network.

While the music was eclectic, my dream of getting Ashley, Ashley, and Nicole into my backyard almost clean-water hot tub remains entirely traditional (though, as yet, unfulfilled -- trust me, there will be pictures). Enjoy.


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Battle of the Vegas Pimping Cleavage: Nicole Scherzinger vs. Carmen Electra

Nobody labors like cleavetastic celebrities, including X-Factor hostess and former Pussycatter, Nicole Scherzinger, who along with a freshly-pumped-up bosomy Carmen Electra, both took to their respective Vegas pimp stations to promote some casino nightclub events over the Labor Day weekend, by way of flashing the Las Boobas in Sin City. I can't begin to tell you what these two damsels without distress were pimping, but I can tell you that Nicole looked downright masochistic in her bondage dress o' belts, while Carmen pulled out a summer wardrobe she hasn't worn since she was in middle school, and somehow made it inappropriately perfect. There were no losers in this battle, save for the suckers who lost their hard-earned coin at the casino tables. Enjoy.