Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Doubles Down on Her Cannes Attention With An Early Evening Upskirt

By day, it’s sexy photoshoots with some nice badonkadonk protruding poses, by evening it’s dolled up in hot orange and glamorous, and flashing her panties getting out of her limousin. I’d call that a full day for the Aussie veteran hottie, Nicole Kidman.

And a full day for us peepers spying on the various bodily and pantily parts of this statuesque thespianic, not known for her strictly sexual posing, a serious type, but we have often gotten serious about our feelings for her good looks regardless. Ever since she got out of the dry hump of a marriage with Tom and started getting shtupped by the country music dude, she has really perked up in the perkiness department. And, now, the flashing arena too. Thank for you a lovely day, Nicole. Enjoy. 

Holy Hot Mama Butt! Nicole Kidman Is Gonna Get Pregnant Again If She Keeps Posing Like That

Let us today give thanks to the gloriously MILFtastic moms out there who make like that much more worth living, starting from pubescent boys and their neighbor lady fantasies up to, and never ending, for men with a thing for hot mamas, heaven sent beauties like Nicole Kidman who not only has it still going on, but whose rumpside yesterday in Cannes single-handedly caused 1,000 Frenchmen to uncross their legs and lower their lattes to the table.

Nicole Kidman worked the red carpet yesterday at Cannes for some kind of photoshoot, and looked every penny’s worth a million bucks as she showed that the veteran hotties not only have plenty of sextastic to give, they got some old-school moves that many a hot young thang doesn’t know the least bit about. How could one not feel an instinctive desire to offer up a playful slap of that booty? Or, maybe that’s just me (but I highly doubt it). Enjoy.

Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift Shine Like Sextastic Stars at American Country Music Awards

I’ll say this for country music, while I don’t quite relate to the melodramatic twangs of country living, I can relate to the large number of super hot women in and around the country music scene. Sextastic girls in tight jeans and boots is never a bad thing. And a few nights a year, those country girls get decked out, as they did last night for the American Country Music Awards in Vegas, where the likes of Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, LeAnn Rimes, and even country-by-marriage, Nicole Kidman, shone like sweet hot stars in the night reminding us  that unless we got a platinum country album on our resume, we’re probably never getting in their pants. Or dresses.

But we do get to ogle. They can never take that away from us. Enjoy.

Nicole Kidman Has Never Met a Top She Can’t Poke Through

Nicole Kidman has nipples that could likely cut through steel and it’s turning me on to no end.

The sextastic MILFY Aussie actress mom has repeatedly proven that her headlights can penetrate pretty much any material made by mere mortals, most especially when she’s been exercising. Speaking way too personally, I find hard workouts (the kind I engage in twice a year to stupidly impress some girl) result in a level of bodily attachment gone-into-hiding, but not Nicole. She flares with sweat. Blood flow at full capacity, the tips of her mammaries fire forth like the Chunnel earth boring machine, daring layers of clothing to just try and contain her nips, to no avail.

Pokes away! Enjoy.

Nicole Kidman Makes Brief Public Appearance Involving Stretch Pants

Nicole Kidman is not easy to spot in public, a place she rarely ventures save for special industry events. However, the 40-something Aussie actress does stick pretty tight to her daily jogging regimen, which means we stick pretty tight to this pretty tight-bodied veteran hottie, who, on occasion, as today, rewards us with a little something something, like stretch pants clinging to her shapely lower body.

With the statuesque Nicole, we take (and ogle) whatever we can get. Enjoy.

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Irina Shayk, Nicole Kidman, and Olivia Munn Form a Trifecta of Sextastic for ‘Snow Flower’ Premiere

Have you heard of the film Snow Flower and the Secret Fan? You have now. It’s an artsy film you probably won’t see unless your girlfriend or your oppressive Chinese period film group on makes you, but it didn’t manage to bring out an odd, but delightful collection of hotties to the N.Y. premiere last night including the super hot-bodied Irina Shayk, who if I were a dress designer, I’d want wearing my fashions, not to mention getting in and out of several options in front of me, the veteran sexy Nicole Kidman who has been making statuesque appearances on red carpets for more than fifteen years now, and fanboy faptastic, Olivia Munn, who has taken a conservative bent in her appearances lately, but can not hide her innate hotness no matter how hard she tries. All in a all, a great night for movies, whatever this one is about. Enjoy.