Entertainment Weekly Brings Us Our First Look at James Wan’s ‘Aquaman’

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brian-mcgee - June 15, 2018

After the borderline disastrous reception to last fall's Justice League, DC's film universe has been in something of a tailspin. One project managed to weather the storm, though—if for no other reason than it was in production well before JL's release—and that's James Wan's Aquaman.

Of course many fans have found a way to turn this into a disaster before we've even seen a trailer, but such is fandom. Then again, a huge part of the reason fans are fretting is that we haven't seen a trailer or anything, really, from the film which is scheduled to be released in December.

It's a valid reason to worry, I suppose, considering we're little more than six months away from the film hitting theaters, but James Wan has now delivered some classy looking stills from the film to Entertainment Weekly, and now we can bring them to you.

Below you'll see pics of Jason Momoa back in action as the walking beer commercial that is this incarnation of Aquaman, Amber Heard as his betrothed Mera, Nicole Kidman as his mom Queen Atlanna, Patrick Wilson as his rival King Orm aka Ocean Master, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as wild card villain Black Manta, and the back of Willem Dafoe's head, who plays Aquaman's mentor Vulko...

What do you guys think? Are you worried by the lack of a trailer? Do these stills help assuage some of your fears? Do you blindly trust James Wan because he's basically earned it at this point? Let me know in the comments section below!