Jojo Quit Sex for 10 Months!

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Echo Lawrence - May 1, 2020

Jojo just released a new music video which you can see over here, and to help promote the launch of her new album she spoke with People Magazine and revealed that she went celibate for 10 months while recording the album, which must have been very hard as I’m sure she’s had no shortage of men wanting to get with her.

She quit sex as a self punishment for cheating on her then boyfriend after a drunken night out and kept it up for 10 months.

“I didn’t feel worthy of a loving lasting relationship”

And while she hasn’t said if she’s keeping up the sex ban, she did say she’s enjoying being single and becoming more of her own person.

“The album just finds me processing and getting to a place of realizing I’ve never been alone my whole adult life. I’ve always been in a relationship with somebody, and I was delaying a really important part of becoming an adult, which is being independent,”