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Nicole Kidman and Juno Temple Topless in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin Minute for October 31, 2014
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As the winds pick up, the leaves being to fall, and the children high on candy sugar race through the streets like high marauders let us not forsake our weekend duty to catch as much celebrity skin on film as humanly possible. If you consume it, they will make even more. Just a hint. And a strong word of advice from our friends at Mr. Skin who once again have put together short-term forecast for all things beautifully bare and available onscreen right this very minute.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Nicole Kidman not nude in her new flick Before I Go To Sleep, but quite nekkid in Eyes Wide Shut available on Blu-Ray, Juno Temple topless making of the sexy in Horn, now out in theaters, and Kate Hudson and beautiful seat muffins in Good People, now also out on Blu-Ray. It’s cold outside, people, get your butt indoors and check out all the digital media world has to offer in terms of nekkid celebrities. Consider me your doctor, I know what’s best.

While you’re at it, take two, or at least one, Ego discounted memberships to Mr. Skin and don’t call me in the morning. I’d love to share in your thanks and happiness, but that is kind of creepy. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Penelope Cruz Topless, Lori Loughlin in Lingerie, and Much Much More…

Nicole Kidman Topless in Eyes Wide Shut
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Well, hello there Friday morning. Like a solid smack in the face from a pleasant smelling fish. Hmm, that analogy needs work. Either way, it is indeed my favorite day of the week. Beyond the free food in the conference room provided by a generous donor who doesn’t realize we stole his credit card three years ago, today is the day before Saturday that we open up the Reader Finds email bag and take in its benevolent and bosom filled beneficence. I look forward to this day like a prison looks forward to his conjugal. With pretty much the same preparation too.

This weeks Reader Finds includes a redux look at Nicole Kidman in her best ever topless role (thank you good EgoReader ‘Dex’), my belusted Naomi Watts in her own topless cinematic turn (blessings and good fortune to ‘Roman’), Penelope Cruz quite skinematically topless (ooh laa laa via ‘Charles T.’),  Breandha Haddad topless in la pelicula (a new face and a new hot body from ‘Omar’), the unknown topless hotties from the Dukes of Hazzard (yeehah brought to you by ‘Rebecca’), Rosie Huntington Whiteley holding her own for Pirelli (luscious looks from ‘Andrew’), the slightest of nipple slips from Cameron Diaz in The Counselor (eagle eyed by the eagle eyes of ‘Bob P.’), black and white nekkid hotness of Anais Pouliot and Anna Berendregt and Zippora Seven (triple shot of goodness from ‘David M.’), a maybe (I’m not totally convinced) full teat slip of the sextastic Kimberley Garner (kudos to you for your efforts ‘Rob’), Demi Lovato lacy bra and cleavy peeks (sweet pickup by ‘Eli’), a woman purported to be Britty thespianic Helen Skelton topless on a beach vacation (yet more topless goodness from yet another ‘Rob’), Lori Loughlin classically 80′s hot in bra and panties (stellar wayback find from ‘Owen’), Kate Winslet quite topless and making the sexy in The Reader (tossed into our yard by ‘Frank T.’), Abbie Cornish topless and Britty onscreen (funbags provided by ‘Damon’), Jessica Alba cleavy in ice cream promo pics (Alba goodness by way of ‘Rubio’), more Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her topless model friends shooting for the Pirelli calendar of a couple or three years ago (the more the topless merrier thanks to ‘Stacey’), Karlie Kloss topless in Vogue Italia (a lovely bit of Windy City hottie by ‘Terry’), Nicole Fox topless and quite dramatic (funbaggery via ‘Kelly K.’), Elsa Pataky also baring her fine upper wares (a promise delivered from ‘Gerry J.’), Sharon Hinnendael quite nekkid in the cool show Look (quite cool she’s hot via ‘Tomas’), Sofia Vergara sextastic shoot of a decade ago (always wow from ‘Les’), Marion Cotillard topless and quite French (the lusty puppies freed by ‘Stuart’), and Lea Thompson topless in her classic 80′s film role (all the right boobs by ‘Stevie’). What a blessed day indeed! Enjoy.
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Nicole Kidman Knee High Boots Offer a Strong Kick to the Sextastic Region (VIDEO)

I know little about shoes. Personally, I own three pairs. One pair of beach sandals, one pair of sneakers, and a bright shiny pair for when somebody gets married or dies. But I do know veteran hot women. And Nicole Kidman at forty-six in sexy boots with ginger locks. Still a wow on the body tingle response charts.

I know this Nicole Kidman promo is designed to sell shoes to women. There’s no way else to explain the horrible music. But if Nicole Kidman and her legs and the whole darn package isn’t still working for you, you need to get your lust-organs checked by a naughty nurse. Nicole, you can zip up your knee high boots on my back anytime. Enjoy.

Rosario Dawson and Nicole Kidman Topless Highlight This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Quite a week it is on the big and small screen for celebrity flesh. One of those memorable passages of time when some of favorites are baring some, or all even, which is basically the wind beneath our wings. Our friends at Mr. Skin have captured three such available onscreen skintastic moments in this week’s edition of the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s MSM includes news of Rosario Dawson full frontal in Trance and a look back at her topless role in Alexander, Nicole Kidman topless in Hemingway and Gellhorn now out on Blu-Ray, and a salute to the return of Game of Thrones with a topless Elisa Lasowski. It’s all good and in motion. Enjoy.

(Be sure to get your EgoReader special membership to Mr. Skin and start your April off with a literal bang.)

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Nicole Kidman Turns On the Turning On Powers for The Hollywood Reporter

Funny enough, Intern Kristina and I were just talking the other day about how Nicole Kidman has kind of lost her oomph of late, not quite the leading lady looks she held for so very long. I don’t know, maybe she’s just kind of tired from her crazy-ass schedule and mommy dudies, or maybe she’s tired of people just checking her out for her good looks (heaven forbid), but it’s been a drought no doubt for one of our veteran hotties with some of the most powerfully point nips in all of Hottieville.

But, now, Nicole is back, with a sextastic vengeance, in a promotional photoshoot by Ruven Afandor for the Hollywood Reporter, and she looks hella hot. Granted, there’s lights and makeup and a little touching up, but, still, we are deeply reminded of our original lust for Nicole by seeing her all hot and lounging in this pictorial. See if you don’t feel a little rekindling of the Kidman tingles yourself. Enjoy.

Nicole Kidman Looks Like a Million Dollars of Sexy in V Magazine

One of these days, we’re going to go through the process of showing off the great pictures of the former Mrs. Tom Cruises and just kind of wonder to ourselves if we see some sort of pattern. Like, super hot women with blessed tubes who frightened somebody for some reason.

Among those pictures will be Nicole Kidman in the latest edition of V Magazine wherein the statuesque Aussie looks like a a fortune’s worth of hotness, in repose, standing, sitting, and flashing a shiny brilliance of hotness. I wish I could step into these photos and whisper some secrets to Nicole, like the plans I’d have for removing those orange bra and panties from her body. Every plan needs a step one. Enjoy.

MSM Weekly Roundup of the Cinematic Flesh Includes Topless Malin Akerman, Ellen Barkin, and Nicole Kidman (VIDEO)

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When I was a kid, Johnny Sad-Bones was the old dude theater attendant who would let us sneak into the R-rated movies after they had started if we gave him a buck. One summer, Johnny stopped asking for just money and the police had to take him away, but before that time, man how we saw some wonderful boobage on the big screen.

I’m reminded about of Johnny Sad-Bones, the good parts at least, when taking a looksee at the triple threat of hot actress boobtastic our friends at Mr. Skin are recommending for your weekend viewing skinematics, including Malin Akerman topless in the original Harold and Kumar, Ellen Barkin now almost 25-years way backward to steamy nekkid sexy making in Sea of Love, and Nicole Kidman, the modern day version, knocking topless boots in Hemingway and Gellhorn. It’s a trifecta of the ta-ta-licious! Enjoy.

Don’t forget to get a Mr. Skin quite affordable but ever desirable subscription for the dad in your life (or yourself) for this Father’s Day.

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