Nicole Kidman Pokies You Have To See To Believe

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earl-jonas - July 14, 2017

Nicole Kidman is giving us retro rodeo swimsuit competition on a random street realness on the latest issue of Love Magazine. The real star of the show, obviously, is her outrageous nipplage. You could have a picnic in the shadow of those pokies! The fifty-year-old Kidman has kept on top of her body like it's her job, which, I mean it kind of is, and the results are as jaw-dropping as ever.

We last had our fair share of nudity from Kidman on the recent HBO series Big Little Lies, but that doesn't mean that we're any less excited to see her stretching the hell out of a tight bathing suit. Kidman's team of highly-skilled professionals have her face at a pretty great spot these days, and her searing, confident expression in the photo says "I'm gonna be around for a while, b**ches." You can own this issue on July 24th, and we'll be sure to return with any other hot shots that come out. So, do you Love it?


Photo Credit: Love

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