Natalia Proza

Natalia Proza Does A Sexy 138 Water Photoshoot

Russian model and card carrying hot person Natalia Proza showed some skin in a photoshoot for 138 Water. The makers of everyone’s favorite sexually provocative bottled water had Natalia pose on a rock by the seashore in a purple swimsuit. The water dribbles down her face and onto her luscious Russian babushkas in a very sexy way. Natalia has got a pretty exemplary rack and it looks even better when it is glistening with liquid. I do do like a woman wet from the salt and the sea and designer spring water. Natalia also has some seriously sexy thighs. Men pay a lot of attention to a woman’s legs and I’m all for that, but give me a nice firm pair of lady thighs and I’ll be a happy camper. Natalia must come from that city in Russia where all the hot chicks come from, Sexybabengrad.

What I’m saying is that Russia has more than its fair share of incredibly hot women and I’m convinced they are created by some former Soviet mad scientist somewhere.

Natalia Proza Bikini Preening for Those Almighty Water Dollars

It’s been since last summer that we saw Natalia Proza posing for the 138 Water shoots that continue to mystify me as to their existence without any hint of actual product. But there is more than a hint of hotness from Natalia in a little bikini prancing about Malibu on the beach to make this water look sexy.

I’m not sure if she’s accomplishing that lofty goal, but she certainly is raising her own ogle-worthy stock. She’s got a superlatively fine female form. I know if she asked me directly I’d buy four cases, I’m a sucker for hottie-to-door sales. Keep on showing off, Natalia, I’ll keep lying about buying that water. Symbioses. Enjoy.

Natalia Proza Brings You Even More Bikini Hotness Whilst Imbibing

Not quite as nice as last week when Natalia Proza came out of the Pacific in a see-through wet t-shirt to help promote some bottled water product, but, her commercial shoot continued, as did her hotness, in a bikini that showed off her slender fine model form.

I’m not exactly sure how seeing a sextastic young woman in her bikini is going to get me to buy water, I mean, unless she says she will take off her top if I go buy lots of water. In which case, I would run, not walk, to the local market and purchase whatever she told me. But I suppose there’s some associative feelings here that if you do buy the water, you will look like Natalia or get a girl that looks like Natalia. Being a realist I have to think both of those possibilities are a long shot for me. Enjoy.


Natalia Proza See-Through Wet T-Shirt and Bikini Pictures for a Double Dose of Falling in Lust

Natalia Proza is a Russian model who… meh, you don’t really care who she is. But I bet you do care about just a supremely hot Eastern body in a wet t-shirt and nothing much else underneath, save for some mighty perfect chest puppies all dripping wet and coming out of the water in Malibu. That’s just a guess.

Natalia was at Zuma beach yesterday filming a series of bottled water commercials, that included not only the aforementioned and awesomely spectacular see-through wet t-shirt, but also a quite perfectly lean fine female form in a white bikini pouring water on herself along the rocks.

I’m not sure we’ve ever had an introduction quite like this on Egotastic! before, but I’m going to make sure it gets stickied to the top of our suggestion list on how to get onto the site. Stickied (see what I did there?). Enjoy.

Natalia Proza Beach Bikini Photoshoot in California