Alessandra Ambrosio Eating Cherries in her Panties!

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Tex Hollywood - June 8, 2020

Nothing says summer than some fresh cherries, except maybe a bikini.

Luckily, Alessandra Ambrosio posted these hot "Cherry Season" pictures, merging both those things to life all our our spirits with nothing but sweeetness! I don't know anyone, except maybe a few people allergic to cherries, who doesn't love a good bag of cherries. They are juicy, have lots of flavor and I guess are rich in antioxidants and other cancer fighting nutrients, but more importantly, are a sexy fruit!

From the color, to the taste to the tongue skills used when knotting the stem, cherries are for perverts! I have no idea when Cherries became a perverted fruit, but I don't mind seeing a pantsless Ambrosio, bikini bottom clad Ambrosio doing her part to keep that stereotype alive.

I guess she's over the black lives matter protest and onto more important things for her immediate like, like producing this HOT half naked cherry season clickbait!

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