Natalia Proza Bikini Preening for Those Almighty Water Dollars

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bill-swift - February 28, 2014

It's been since last summer that we saw Natalia Proza posing for the 138 Water shoots that continue to mystify me as to their existence without any hint of actual product. But there is more than a hint of hotness from Natalia in a little bikini prancing about Malibu on the beach to make this water look sexy.

I'm not sure if she's accomplishing that lofty goal, but she certainly is raising her own ogle-worthy stock. She's got a superlatively fine female form. I know if she asked me directly I'd buy four cases, I'm a sucker for hottie-to-door sales. Keep on showing off, Natalia, I'll keep lying about buying that water. Symbioses. Enjoy.