Lucy Hale

Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson And The Other Fine Ladies Of “Pretty Little Liars” Step Out In NYC

Pretty Little Liars really is quite the underrated show, at least in the category that most counts. Crazy ridiculously hot female thespianics. The bulk of them including Shay Mitchell, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Trojan Bellisario and Emma Ishta made their way out, decked out and showing off chesty goodness in Manhattan, perhaps shooting some kind of formal wear scene. I probably won’t watch to be honest. I’m more of the peeping tom on the street kind of viewer. And these views were spectacular.

It’s pretty darn amazing if you think about the full roster of hotties on television these days. So many shows, so many fine women, so little time to properly dream of them all. But I remain dedicated to servicing them all during my nightly REM sleep, supplemented by some day time fantastical moments. Shay Mitchell, I mean, come on, if she’s not inspiring the creative part of your brain in the R to X-rated virtual dreamscape, you really need to start taking a multivitamin or something. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

Lucy Hale Gets Leggy In Shorts For Coffee Run

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale was spotted going on a coffee run in a pair of very short shorty shorts. Now is a magical time when all the sexy ladies come out of hibernation and start wearing skimpy clothes. It’s the magic of springtime. Lucy has got a really nice pair of legs. They are thin but have just the right amount of meat on them to make them interesting. In our boob obsessed culture a woman’s legs is often overlooked. Now, I myself am a vigorous boob man, but I do enjoy a good pair of legs. They were probably your grandfather’s favorite part of a woman. That’s why they were featured on the nose of the fighter planes they used to kill Nazis. If Lucy had been alive back in the day I’m sure she would have been a pin-up girl.

I wouldn’t mind having those bad boys wrapped around me in the morning, I’ll tell you that. There are definitely worse things but few better.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Lucy Hale Sextastic Poses For Yahoo Style

Good sweet Lord, Lucy Hale is effing sexy. I would give her the best three minutes of her life, my friends. But for now I have to enjoy pics like these from Yahoo Style. They dressed Lucy up in some tasty outfits which prominently featured her lovely ta-tas. Oh, yes, there is some serious cleavage shots. She has the kind of boobs you can really see yourself settling down with and taking home to mother. They are highly motorboatable. As if that wasn’t enough there is also some awesome shots of her long silky legs. I do so love a woman with a nice pair of legs. One can imagine such legs wrapped around one can’t one? I for one wouldn’t complain.

And that face. Those eyes and mouth are something I wouldn’t mind staring at. What I’m saying is that I want to marry Lucy Hale. Is that too much to ask out of life? I think not.

Photo Credit: Damon Baker For Yahoo Style

Lucy Hale Nipple Pokes Just Love Shopping

Much like the Lucy Hale nipples over the weekend, I really was desperate to see the sun this weekend. We had several days, almost a week when we barely reached seventy degrees here in Los Angeles. Just not right. Thankfully, the sun gods returned and I can hardly blame Lucy’s headlights for wanting to partake in a little nurturing courtesy of El Sol.

Given the fact that Lucy seems to be well supported in her top, I’d have to say those pokies of her are fighting with the full force of Athena to get their moment in the public eye. Good for them. So many nipples are content to merely take a backseat to their unnecessary wardrobe restrictions. Not Lucy Hale’s. Top notch work, nipples, an A for effort and an A-plus for achievement. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Kellie Pickler, Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood Highlight the Hotness at the CMAs

Say what you will about Country Music, it brings out the hot women. I don’t care if you find the music suffering, suffer you must because a solid third of the good looking ladyfolk in this nation love them the country crooners. You can’t just ignore those facts that I just made up.

So, pay attention we did to last night’s Country Music Awards, the night that country singers and random people we had no idea had anything to do with country music get together to look their best and give each other lots of trophies. There were many highlights of the show last night, but the hotness was owned by the likes of Kellie Pickler, Lucy Hale, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood. There was more, but these were our favorites. The music, well, you know. But the girls, yes, the girls, they make all music worlds go-round. Enjoy.

Lucy Hale Leggy in Self Magazine October 2013

Lucy Hale Bikini Pictures a True Hawaiian Booty Surprise

Would you believe this is only the second time we’ve ever had candid bikini pictures of Pretty Little Liars starlet Lucy Hale. I mean, believe it, it’s the truth. Like a blessing that comes around about as often as the perfect alignment of the stars, as they have done so today for this sweet bottom to top and back down to bottom bikini view of Lucy Hale in Hawaii. It’s quite a sight for these sore eyes and various and sundry other body parts.

Lucy seems like such a good girl. I suppose that’s why we all want her so badly. Not that we don’t love our bad girls too. It’s just that the least obvious apple is often the sweetest. I made that up. It’s a horrible expression and it’s not probably even true. But it’s definitely going in one really crappy poem I intend to send Lucy via the U.S. postal service. I hope she says yes, to at least line items 7 through 19, those are the big ones and by far the most physically challenging. Oh, Lucy! Enjoy.