Lucy Hale’s Tight Front Wedgie Showcase In Sexy Tights

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aldo-vallon - October 5, 2018

I hate to say it, but cameltoe has lost a little bit of its allure ever since yoga pants hit the market with their blitzkrieg. Growing up it was rare as hell to see a front wedgie on a woman. If you were lucky you might see one on a lady who was wearing ill-fitting sweatpants, but that was a rarity. Sweatpants were usually baggy in order to obscure everything underneath. They were not meant to show more than even the tightest jeans would reveal.

It was during those unexpected camel sightings that we would all thank our lucky stars that Samantha didn’t carefully check her groin before going out that day. In school word would spread around the halls that there was cameltoe and all of us pervs would have to run around in search of it. Once we saw it there was nothing else to do, but we saw it, so what came after did not matter.

But now, I need two hands to keep track of the amount of cameltoe I see every time I go to the gym. I treat their sightings the same way I treat parking tickets. I make a mental note before moving on with my day.


Photo Credit: Splash News