Padma Lakshmi in the Hottest Track Suit Ever!

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Tex Hollywood - April 27, 2020

I don't know any low level Russian Thugs who wear a tracksuit quite as well as this.

I just googled Tracksuit stereotypes, it was part of my sensitivity training I took when taking this job because I have to be woke and make sure I don't offend anyone.

As it turns out, Russian Thugs who wear tracksuits are called GOPNIKS and while liking the comfort of the track suit, with it's light wind breaking fabric and elastic waistbands that are forgiving with every large meal, or according to the GOPNIK wikipedia page, large amounts of Sunflower seeds and cheap Vodka.

I mean....I guess saying Padma's doing her best GOPNIK impressions would offend at least one Russian Spam Bot coming to change the narrative of the American people one Facebook ad at a time. You can't be too careful these days. Everyone is sensitive.

Clearly, Padma's not too careful either because her track suit zipper is just fully opened, like it broke because the track suit in question can't handle the strong winds, or it can't handle containing what is beneath, forcing her to basically flashing the world her bra, or sports bra, or bikini top, and whatever it is, because there so happened to be a camera there to capture the whole thing that automatically posted it to Instagram. That's how these bikini pics happen, by accident and not to garner excitement and attention from the mail constituents of her following. Sure.

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