LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Exhibition Poolside in Miami

I can’t say that I intend to catch a single second of LeAnn Rimes new reality show. The whole inanity contagion factor remains far too high to tune into a second of that staged family drama. But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t closely tracking LeAnn Rimes and her tight bikini body, which has been on serious itsy-bitsy bikini display since she started filming her show. Hawaii, Los Angeles, and now Miami have hosted LeAnn and her well-honed body in a skimpy two piece, flashing booty, sideboob, and everything in between as LeAnn in the least gives you one compelling reason to keep her on your radar.

I respect the celebrities who keep themselves in show worthy shape, even for the most ludicrous and craptastic of purposes. I’m sure the show will feature much deadpans, much screaming, many things being thrown, and tears. Bravo. All of that pales in comparison to some Rimes funbags barely contained in her bikini. In fact, if that were the title of her show, I’d tune in. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Fit as a Sextastic Fiddle

LeAnn Rimes is either super dramatic when she’s near the ocean, or she was filming some kind of scene or the cameras as she made faces and pranced across the sand in Malibu in a skimpy black bikini. There’s no denying that LeAnn Rimes has tightened her figure to the point of no more tightening required. At one time she was clearly in need of a sandwich, but she looks more toned now than skinny, albeit still a slender kitty.

LeAnn has a new reality show coming out with her husband. I don’t know exactly what it’s called. I do know there no chance in heck I’ll be watching it. I don’t understand why people delight so much in witnessing other couple’s bickering and fights, even if staged. If I want really family nonsensical drama, I’ll just visit my own dysfunctional family. I feel semi-obliged. I’m not volunteering to take part in others. Albeit, if LeAnn had a few bikini wardrobe malfunctions I would probably tune in just to peek. Enjoy.

Kellie Pickler, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Kristen Bell Highlight the Hotness at the CMT Awards

Now, I could swear they just had the country music awards a month or two ago in Vegas. But I’m sure that was a different event than the CMT Awards last night in Nashville that saw an assemblage of hotties that really other musical genres have a difficult time matching.

Carrie Underwood might just be my perfect woman. Kristen Bell could easily be my girlfriend on the side if I let her. I’d have to motorboat Miranda Lambert should we ever cross paths in my Red Roof Inn suite at 4am. Kellie Pickler and I could easily hot tub until our prunes begin to prune. And I’d be happy to give LeAnn Rimes and all over body massage and hear her complain about her husband’s ex-wife. I’m down for it all. Something tawdry and melancholy and prurient and horny. Kind of like country music itself. I nailed that. Enjoy.

Booty! LeAnn Rimes Flashes Her Cans in a Bikini Bottom on the Beach in Malibu

For all the gossip and rumors and innuendo about LeAnn Rimes these days, I like to focus on just the positive, namely, her shapely bottom in a bikini. Life can be super simple if you just narrow your perspective to what really matters, like nice rumps on the sextastic celebrities of your choosing. And LeAnn has added a few lbs. since her leaner days and her bottomside is much richer for it.

While LeAnn kept her top on at the beach, she did flash some sweet cheeks in her bikini bottom getting in and out of her various vehicles, showing off the asstastic of a woman I’d love to have ask me to check her thumper for sand after a day on the beach. She might be kind of crazy, but I might be kind of crazy in lust with her seat bottom. There’s always a way to find a happy connection. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Cleavy Low Cut Baseball Mom

If you want to get your kid his favorite positions at Little League, sometimes a baseball mom has to go the extra mile. Or extra few inches down the frontside. This technically was on behalf of her husband’s son, her stepson, but LeAnn Rimes showed exactly how appropriately amazing kids sports can be when the moms come dressed to be noticed.

What you’re not seeing in these photos happens to be Brandi Glanville, at the same game, in a very tight revealing outfit. She’s LeAnn’s stepson’s bio mom and the bane of her existence. If you don’t think there’s a little wardrobe competition going on here at Little League between these ladies, then you don’t know women like I don’t know women. Or something like that. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Thong Bottom Booties Up Hawaii

LeAnn Rimes continues her new reality show working vacation in Miami with another look at her bikini body in a thong along the shoreline of our fiftieth state. The pop-country singer has been beaching and filming in Hawaii for the past week or two, surfing, tanning, lounging, and most definitely showing off her bodily goods in various skimpy bikinis.

While I’m not a fan of staged reality craptastic, I must admit those shows often bring us some wonderful views in an attempt to garner eyeballs. And my eyeballs do always tend toward the bottom side of LeAnn Rimes, where she does most of her showing off, not to mention thinking at times. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Surfing Bikini Girl in Hawaii

Like half of the rest of Celebrityville, LeAnn Rimes is in the middle of filming a reality show about her domestic dramas and personal life. I’m quite certain I won’t be watching this show when it airs, as there is grass to be watched growing, but I can’t say it’s off to a bad start given that it seems to consist heavily of shooting LeAnn in her bikini in the Hawaiian sand and surf.

In her latest on-camera venture, LeAnn strapped on a tight wet suit top and even tighter bikini bottom to take up the ancient Polynesian art of surfing. She seems to be not entirely natural on the board, but she does seem to be smiling and showing off her body in some wet clingy Spandex, which I’m sure the Hawaiian gods can at least appreciate, if not reward with a decent wave. If the show were called LeAnn Rimes Bikinis and Wardrobe Malfunctions, I’d probably tune in. But what do I know about what gets ratings? Enjoy.