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Echo Lawrence - March 9, 2020

Oh Winnie Harlow, you know I really do want to love this girl, she’s gorgeous regardless of her skin defect or whatever it is and she seems like she could be a cool girl. But then I heard how cocky she was. She got her start on America’s Next Top Model, which gave her the spotlight she was looking for. But once she blew up in the mainstream modelling world, the Canadian model talked all kinds of smack against the TV show and said that it had nothing to do with her finding fame. Being on a TV show specifically designed to make someone a top model, and then becoming a top model - how can you say the show had nothing to do with it? Poor Tyra Banks.

Anyway, Winnie Harlow is in Vogue India this month, looking great but to be honest, after rubbing me the wrong way with throwing Tyra down the drain - I don’t even want to hear what she has to say in the article. Just show me your beauty and make me forget that you’re a bit of a bitch.

Winnie Harlow Vogue India Winnie Harlow Vogue India

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