Lana Del Ray’s Effective Face Mask!

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Echo Lawrence - September 8, 2020

Lana Del Rey tried it with this sheer mask, but I really don’t think thats a very effective way to prevent COVID considering I can see right through it. Maybe that’s the point, maybe Lana is working for the Anti-Maskers and is making a statement by posing in not only one, but two mesh masks for her new Interview Magazine piece. Maybe she’s just trying to be fashionable!

Lana sat down with Jack Antonoff (Lena Dunham’s ex God bless his soul) to talk about her new album called Chemtrails Over the Country Club which is dropping this month. Jack helped produce the album and talked to Lana as she drove 8 hours from Oklahoma back to LA.

The singer has been working on the new album while spending time in the Midwest, here’s what she had to say about that:

“It’s funny, the record was Midwestern-sounding before I even went to the Midwest. What’s interesting about having a true muse—and it sounds kind of ridiculous—is that you’re at the whim of it. When I’m singing about Arkansas, even I’m wondering why. The one way I would describe the Midwest, Oklahoma in particular, is that it’s not cooked or oversaturated, and there’s still space to catch that white lightning.”

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