LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes Butt Cracking Bikini Weekend in Hawaii

I think LeAnn Rimes is trying to tell us something. Most of her interviews involve her ceaseless chatter about how happy she is. So I have to assume that’s an optimistic assessment. But this butt crack exposure is definitely speaking to me. Butt crack is one of the languages I happen to have mastered in my time studying the language arts. I’m pretty sure her cheeks are asking me to pour some suntan lotion into her bottom splits and then let gravity do the rest of the work. Sometimes, my misinterpretations do lead to a good punch in the face, but I’m willing to go forward on this hunch. Just look at that tatted ravine.

LeAnn had quite the multiple bikini weekend, apparently in Hawaii filming her new reality show called something like No Way in Hell Am I Watching This Crap, or something close to that. But, if the TV cameras get LeAnn into more revealing outfits, I suppose the destruction of the TV airwaves is a small price to pay. As long as they don’t air the show in between my channel flips between sports and late night Cinemax, I won’t complain. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Showing Off Her Bikini Body In Hawaii

Victoria Justice Highlights the Celebrity Hotness at MusicCares Awards Show

Yet another pre-Grammys fiesta over the weekend honoring something amazing fantastic and worthwhile, none of which mattered so much as seeing our lady of Victoria Justice looking all decked out and hot for the gala. Granted, this MusicCares event was yet another gala that somehow managed to lose my invitation, but from afar I could join in the visual wonderment of my belusted Victoria.

Joining Victoria were Lady Gaga, Brooke Candy, Alicia Witt, and LeAnn Rimes in the notables photo-able red carpet line up of standard gala goodies. But really Victoria stole the show. While I shall probably forever pine to see much more Justice, I can never turn away from a solid leer of her stellar good looks and allure. Someday, maybe, I hope and I pray. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Braless After-Christmas Shopping; Let’s Join Forces in 2014 To End The Tyranny of the Bra

I guess we know what LeAnn Rimes didn’t get for Christmas. Undergarments. Which I think was the perfect non-gift, sending the toned bodied pop and country singer out into the malls after Christmas at least upper commando, her funbags quite free from any restraints and barely contained behind her tank top.

With the time of resolutions coming up, it sure would be nice if many more sextastic celebrities took the vow for 2014 to unrestrict themselves from the last century chest puppy harness. It punishes both thee and me, not to mention study after study shows it does little to stop the effects of gravity over time. It’s time to let the little (or big) ladies loose in the coming year. Everybody should get behind LeAnn Rimes, and in front of me, in this serious campaign. Let’s do this. Ta-ta’s be free! Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Courtesy of Our Tree Lined Paps Down Cabo Way

I’ll say this, for all her questionable antics, LeAnn Rimes does keep that body of hers in pretty tip top condition. Occasionally in need of a sandwich, but these days looking ever quite nice, especially in a little colorful bikini on vacation the Cabo resort where we do keep our agents camouflaged in palm fronds for telescopic capturing purposes.

LeAnn definitely has the booty working in her little pink bottoms, proudly strutting about as LeAnn and her purchased husband prepare for their new reality show all about their awesome and wacky lives. I’m just guessing about that last part, but this is how they sell every reality show these days. If it happens to be called LeAnn Rimes Wears Lots of Bikinis Then Showers Off the Sand, I must admit, I will give it a watch. Enjoy.

Leann Rimes Bikini Pictures Still Show Off A Tight Little Tramp Stamped Dumper

Leann Rimes may be in the news mainly for her emotional lapses on social media, feuds with the new husband’s ex-wife, and eating disorder rumors, but at the end of the day, she still has a nice tight bottom. There’s something to be said for that. Like, thank you, Leann.

While the shape of her upper torso seems to change with the seasons, and since Leann obliges us with bikinis year round we do get to see, that little tight tush of hers seems to abide. We can salute her workouts on that front, err, back. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures Provide an Asstastic View of Only Slightly Crazy

I’m not a mental health professional. I’m not really a professional of any kind. I’m barely receiving amateur status. But I do know bikini bodies and sweet bottoms, and despite LeAnn Rimes apparent recently mental ‘fatigue’, there’s no denying that the country crooner keeps herself in pretty tip top shape, even if it’s not altogether healthy.

Taken to the beaches in Miami where there is seemingly a now daily showing of celebrity hot bodies, LeAnn more than held her own, including assuming some positions that are probably illegal in many states, but more than not prohibited in the land of Egotastic!

Keep on bending and stretching, LeAnn. And try to work out those issues, you still have much to show us. Enjoy.