LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes Approaching Barbie Doll Body Proportions

LeAnn Rimes made it back into LAX from her mini-tour and decided it was high time to show off her relatively new and freshly saline pumped boobtastic to the paparazzi that stalk the airport grounds like hungry orphans waiting to be fed.

I'll say this for LeAnn Rimes and her new Barbie body -- you gotta look. Enjoy.

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LeAnn Rimes Has One Long Hot Leggy Pokey Beach Weekend

On this holiday weekend, I'd like to focus on the positive, the hot, the upside of sexy celebrity -- namely, LeAnn Rimes, for all her various internal faults, well, I couldn't stop leering at her Malibu body this weekend in her little beach wear bits, poking through her tank tops, flashing her super toned legs in little shorts and short dresses, she's some kind of specimen of the sextastic.

Say what you will about implants and 90210 wizardry, you don't get a body like this without some blessed genes and a shizz-load of trips to some sweaty gym that smells invariably like feet. LeAnn Rimes, today, I applaud your labor of lust-inducement and the little itty bitty outfits you seem to wear non-stop. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Celebrates Her Birthday With Sideboobs, Butt Shots, and Bikini Pictures

LeAnn Rimes is still figuring out this whole 'new body' thing, and we're right there with her, documenting every step of her process to find just the right new anatomical structure. The formerly chubby-cheeked young country star spends much of her time these days along the beaches of the world, flashing her overly trim physique and her salt-water boobtastic, all of which seems to have hit a head this past weekend during her 29th birthday celebration. Tons of skin on display from LeAnn, including a pretty epic bit of sideboob, some noteworthy cleavage both on and off the beach, and what can only be described as a Festival of the Asstastic as LeAnn seemed to be cleaning up the entire beach, one bent-over pickup at a time. This woman confounds me with her female body parts, and I'm not even sure they belong to her. Enjoy.

(Big birthday shoutout to Egotastic Reader 'Ryan S.' down in the Lonestar State. For his birthday, once more, Ryan would like to lose his virginity. Last year, he got himself a Craigslist massage specialist who kicked him in the bobos and stole his money. Stay strong, little buddy, this is your year.)

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Ad Pictures For the Sexy Skinny Body Lovers

Fact: LeAnn Rimes desperately needs a sandwich of some kind before she wastes away, but the country music star turned hottie bikini photo-op does still look rather amazing in these just released Mikoah Swimwear ad pictures, flashing her newly ballooned melons and her toned body. Perhaps a bit too toned IMHO, but such is the nature of a woman who purchases a cheating heart husband and being a country music singer  to boot -- you're just kind of waiting for the inevitable romantic tragedy I suppose -- and doing ab crunches and starving yourself while waiting. It's not easy being green. Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Twitpics Holiday Bikini Pictures To Show Off Her Newlywed Body

I get why LeAnn Rimes is a back and forth girl for many of you. Plenty hot, no doubt. But there's the issues of the artificial enhancements, the outright purchasing of her new husband, Eddie Cibrian, and, the times when she seems to be starving herself into her slender Tinsel Town shape. But, then, all those women's magazine type concerns go out the window when she starts sending out photos of herself in a little bikini, one, very little, and we get to remember that this once chubby-cheeked young country music star stole our libidos years and ago and it will take more than a few typical growing-up-female-celebrity missteps to make us stop imagining her naked in a Motel 6 bedroom, strumming a simple chord on her guitar, crooning about crappy boyfriends past while we promise to be different and proceed to make the sexy with her for a third time (hey, it's a dream, let's take the bus to Happy Town not twice, but thrice). Enjoy.

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Twitpics Deflect Attention from Possible Sex Tape?

With rumors floating around about a LeAnn Rimes sex tape courtesy of her ex-husband (there have been a few G-rated stills floating about), the country singer and purchaser of new husbands (not to mention new boobs) decided to change the public story by way of bikini twitpics. Well, a bird in the hand as they say. Though becoming increasingly gaunt by the day, the singer still holds up well to the high standards of celebrity bikini pictures, and, although this is not the self-published content we are ultimately hoping to ogle, bikini pictures shall suffice while we investigate any reality to the boot-knocking secret tapes. Enjoy.