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Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, or Kim Kardashian, Who’s the Hottest Business Woman?

I'm a modern type of guy, so I fully support the lovely ladies of Celebrityville getting all decked out in their business attire to run their various ventures or attend their important meetings. I suppose you could say these ladies don't really need the paycheck to get by, but they do dress their finest to go and get it regardless, which makes me want to hold up a sign and walk in a march of some kind.

THis past weekend, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian all hit the streets of L.A. on their way to very important meetings. All three ladies spent some amount of time getting into their occupational wardrobe, looking mighty stellar. But, who is the most sextastic of our business ladies? Who is the woman you want to have that 80's soft-core Skinemax office romance with late night at the office? Who is looking the work-ready finest?

Who Was the Finest Looking Working Girl?

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Kim Kardashian Mega Curves in Virginal White for Baby Shower Gifting

Kim Kardashian has been showing off bits and pieces of herself in very noticeable ways of late. On her way to Ciara's baby shower over the weekend, Kim made a grand entrance with her pimping momager behind her in an all white Grecian goddess with a massive booty type dress. It's like seeing Athena with a noteworthy badonkadonk.

I'm not sure Kim is quite as slender as her carefully manipulated magazine images might appear, although I'm going to guess this is perhaps the way Kanye and other men on her resume do like Kim. Fluffy and curvy and packing in a lot of everything into her dresses. She certainly still draws more attention and cameras than just about anybody in Hollywood. And she hasn't officially been a porn star in several years. That's a something. As are those curves. For a short woman, she is a lot of woman. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Thumper Shown Off in Bright Red

I'll say this for Kim Kardashian and her wardrobe people, they sure have figured out how to accentuate the curvy positives while removing the eye from the thicker midsection. It's some magical voodoo that they do so well. It certainly helps that Kim's giant thumper is bigger than ever it seems and constantly being shown off in public in tight, form fitting, bright bottoms. I can't imagine how damn tight Kim's wedding dress is going to be for her third time at the altar, but I'm going to guess you'll be seeing a mountain of cheeks beneath her expensive bridal gown.

Kim's latest booty exhibition took place in Beverly Hills, where she took Mr. Double Bingos out for a walk in a super bright red tight skirt, you know, just to be on the down low. It didn't work so well and Kim's big bottom got photographed from every which way but loose. Funny, she didn't seem to miffed by the attention. Go figure. And, go leer. Enjoy.

Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian in the Same Bikini, Katherine Webb Bikini Goodness, and Jen Selter Booty Perfection Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

Wow, this is some phenomenon this social media attention getting. And nobody gets more attention than the Kardashian girls. No sooner had Kylie Jenner posed her teen showoff self in a skimpy black bikini to Instagram, then Kim Kardashian said, hey, I'm still ogle worthy too by donning the same bikini for a picture of her own. Competition breeds success. Competition between different generations of sisters in the Kardashian family breeds lots and lots of skin. This could be a great trend.

Joining Kim and Kylie in the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup this week are Ashley Sky hot and cleavy, Nicki Minaj sweet bikinis curves, Katherine Webb in a stellar two pieces, Coco flashing some mega oiled buttockals, Mariah Carey bikini fun time, Aubrey O'Day showing off big time, Jen Selter and her asstastic of faptastic, and much much more. You owe it to NFL players only making $500,000 per game next season to check out each and every one of these sweet hot shared candid photos. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Badonkadonk Reaches Epic Proportions

We've been talking for a couple weeks about how to stand out amid the crowd in the brutally model-filled Miami Beach area. I guess Kim Kardashian came up with an entirely new plan, as she is want to do. Just bring out the biggest booty the world has ever seen this side of, well, this side of anything. That badonkadonk was barely contained in a tight skirt as Kim made her way around Miami promoting the opening of yet another Kardashian fashion outlet for young women who want to dress like a Kardashian.

Kim did a wardrobe change about half way during the day to show that there actually is a midsection somewhere in there between her large funbags and that ginormous thumper of hers...

But the day clearly belong to the bushels of buttockal she has stuffed under her skirt. Quit telling me not to watch, it's impossible not to. Oh, sure, maybe if you were fortunate enough to be born with self-restraint. I was not, sir. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Is Still Ranking High on the Leering Charts

Kim Kardashian may not be the major media empire queen she once was, or maybe she still is, I don't really check, but she surely still has the big bodacious cleavetastic to flash around town when she needs the cameras trained down there for maximum attention.

Kim's in Miami doing something super important, perhaps for the government or E!, and she took the opportunity to let a good amount of her chestal assets visually flow for the gentleman oglers and paparazzi in the area. Some people say Kim shows off her funbags too much. I say the alternative is hearing her speak. Three cheers for the quiet funbags! Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Cleavetastic and Fully Made Up for Intense Workout

The entire Kardashian clan made their way to SoulCycle for a workout, and, wouldn't you know, an entire group of cameramen from E! followed along. Which means Kim Kardashian can't just slap on the sweats and a tee. Nope, it's got to be the makeup and the low cut top and the tight stretch pants. It's the entire she-bang, as it were.

I guess it's not easy being Kim. You really have no private life just to let it all hang out. Of course, when you do have private time and you're letting it all hangs out with a guy, even that is filming time. Nevertheless, I guess I feel good for the guys who got to check out Kim riding her bike and sweating up her ample bosom. It's almost enough to make me want to ride a bike in a group while somebody yells at me over a microphone. Almost. Enjoy.