Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Big Cleavage And See-Through Skirt in London

Hall of fame hottie Kim Kardashian showed off her multimillion dollar assets at an event in London. Let’s face it, the cornerstone of the Kardashian empire is Kim’s ta-tas and they looked amazing in her wonderfully weird dress. It was basically a leather bustier with a see through skirt. She looked like a fairy tale princess dominatrix, and maybe it’s just me, but that is hot as F. The transparent skirt let you see her lady area as clear as if she was wearing a bikini. Needless to say that legendary bootie and her curvy hips looked amazing. One thing you have to love about Kim is her penchant for see-through clothes. Any woman can simply wear a short skirt or plunging neckline. But Kim takes it a step further by being both fully dressed and letting you see her underwear…or lack thereof. She’s the Picasso of being scantily clad.

It’s outfits like this that make me burn with never ending jealousy at Kanye West. Does he deserve such goodies? I think not.

Kim Kardashian Booty In A Super Tight Burgundy Dress in NYC

Hall of fame hottie Kim Kardashian showed off her legendary booty in an extremely tight burgundy dress in New York City. Is there a better derriere on planet Earth than Kim Kardashian’s caboose? If there is I’d like to see it. Kim has mastered the art of wearing tight clothes to better accentuate her amazing rack and booty. Not everyone can look this good sporting tight clothes, my friends. The dress also allowed us a peek at her stomach through a see-through window. But the thing that pops out in the front is, of course, those incredible boobies. Much like her booty it’s hard to find many funbags that can compete with Kim’s girls. The whole Kardashian clan was blessed by the good Lord with totally unbelievable yum yums, but only Kim has the magic combination of booty and boobs.

That Kanye West is a lucky man. I don’t see why he’s so angry all the time. If I had Kim’s booty to lay my face on at the end of the day I’d never be unhappy again.

Kim Kardashian Massive Booty Distracts Even New York’s Finest

Hey, you’ve got to look, right? There’s no such thing as on-duty when an arse the size of Kim Kardashian walks past. To protect and serve and to ogle. Kim’s mighty dumper, let alone her cleavy front side, seemed to capture the attention of at least one New York City cop who I’m quite sure is going to receive some good spirited ribbing from his fellow officers this morning. But who can blame a man for merely following the laws of gravitational forces. You have no choice but to crank the eyeballs toward such a ridiculously round foreign object.

Kim Kardashian is many things, not all of them super fine and pleasant, but she is most of all, an attraction. Nobody passes a roller coaster without checking it out. Kim is the human roller coaster with curves you never thought imaginable. Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Cleavage Spills Out Of Her Blue Dress In Paris

Reality TV Queen and Mrs. Kanye Kim Kardashian was busting out of her  blue dress at an event in Paris. Kim was sporting a dress that was truly cleavetacular. The neckline plunged to her stomach which allowed a perfect view of her legendary funbags. As is often the case with Kim K, she forgot to wear a bra. I’m not entirely sure how these dresses stay on. Do they tape them? Do they stay closed by some kind of witchcraft? They seem to defy the laws of physics. You’d think that ta-tas as large as Kim’s could not be contained in simple cloth. Whatever it is, her cleavage is un-effing-believable. As often as we find ourselves looking at pics of Kim’s chest puppies it never gets old. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

That Kanye West is one lucky SOB. Not only is he a world famous rapper and super rich but he gets to go home every night and rest his weary head on those flesh pillows. I bet he sleeps very soundly.

Kim Kardashian Dropping Motorboat Fantasies Near the Shores in South Hampton

Look, I’m as tired of the Keeping Up with the Kardashian dreaded coven as the next guy. But when I see a celebrity with low cut tops and tremendous ta-ta’s like Kim Kardashian, I can’t deny my motorboating fantasies still kick in something fierce. You don’t want to have to marry her (god forbid) to feel the sense of pride in imagining her floppy funions smothering you in the face as she tells you about all the must-see stuff in her new Hamptons spinoff.

Maybe I’m just speaking for myself at this point. But somebody besides my dog Mr. Flugelhorn needs to hear this. Kim Kardashian may not be the one to bring home to mother, but to my Red Roof Inn suite for a half an hour, motorboats away! I’m in. Enjoy.


Kim Kardashian Sideboob In The Hamptons

Kim Kardashian showed off her legendary jugs in a tight black tank top in the Hamptons. On her way to lunch she seems to have forgotten her bra and most of her shirt. The result is a bevy, (a bevy I say), of sideboob. You can see 30% of those luscious melons that made Kanye West finally settle down. There is also copious cleavage. The thing I love most about Kim Kardashian is her hatred of wearing a bra. It’s a decision every woman has to make and I celebrate her choice, nay right, to show off her nips and sideboobs several times a week.

Also, I didn’t know she was in the Hamptons. I’d gladly drive the two hours out there on the off chance that I could see those lovely ta-tas in person. It’s like seeing an American institution up close and personal. It’s similar to seeing the Lincoln memorial or Grand Canyon only it’s better because it’s boobs.

Kim Kardashian Deep Big and Blue Boobs Steal the Show at Sister’s Birthday

You know how these things go. Don’t invite your sister Kim if you want to be the center of attention at your own birthday party. As with any Kardashian personal event, Khloe’s 30th birthday proved to be a TV exploitable event for the entire family, including Kim Kardashian who showed off her mammoth mammaries to ensure every paparazzi camera within ten miles of the Isle of Manhattan was trained on her chest. If you got it, flaunt it, baby. I’m sure Khloe wasn’t happy, but then her personal wishes have to be sacrificed for the betterment of the entire gentleman ogling community which got two acres of Kim rack in the exchange.

I’ve never been a sister, or a girl, except occasionally in my dreams. I’m guessing this kind of upstaging does not go unnoticed. I know I noticed it. I suppose Kim will tell her little sister, hey, I can’t help it, this is just how I was drawn. And she may just be right. Enjoy.