Kelly Brook Nearly Dies Working Out!

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Echo Lawrence - May 19, 2020

Kelly Brook's weight has fluctuated more than Oprahs and for those of you who aren't up to speed on Oprah, you probably had a job and didn't get to watch her show everyday at 4 o'clock like some of us did...religiously.

The good news is that Kelly Brook, even at her skinniest is still busty on another level. Which is why she was able to create a career as a Glamour Model. One that even brought her to LA to act on a show. Which is pretty top level for a Glamour Model.

We aren't too sure what it is she does now, but she is likely 40 or in her 40s, so we probably shouldn't really care! There are younger versions of her to learn about, but like an Old Friend, State Farm, or in this case Kelly Brook's big boobs are still there.

Hell old Friend! Nice to see you.

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