Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell Is Back (Again) and Looking Mighty Fine In My Hood

I’m not sure what excites me more, the once again return of Keeley Hazell, or the fact that I recognize the place where her most outstanding new photoshoot in FHM magazine appear and it’s a mere few blocks from our penthouse offices here at Egotastic! I’m surprised my superpower sense of smell didn’t pick up the hint of Hazell when she got within three land miles of my location. Must be something to do with the polar vortex, but the mere thought of Keeley in her little white shorts at my In & Out Burger place has me imagining Keeley and I embraced in a gooey double double.

Keeley keeps dropping out of modeling and then coming back. I’m not sure she’s ever going to be doing glamor modeling again, as in, exposing her world class funbags, but the memories of her mighty puppies combined with her still wicked hot looks, still one of the finest babes on this here planet, let alone hanging out in my hood. I’m going out now to track her down like a bloodhound. Enjoy.

Keeley Hazell Covered Topless Pics Only Make Us Sadder to See Her Go (But They’re Still Wicked Effin’ Hot!)

Not exactly when these photos were shot for Maxim magazine, or if shot for Maxim, but these covered topless pictures of the wonderment that is Keeley Hazell is some form of torture submitted by EgoReader ‘Dave D.’ to visually remind us how much we will miss Keeley now that she has officially and finally announced her exit from the modeling stage.

This is perhaps worse than losing your childhood pet to a speeding yet completely silent electric vehicle or the pangs of loss you feel when the last of your weekender 24-pack of Silver Bullets has been tapped out by early Saturday morning, because you can get another dog, they’re all really effin’ cute, and thank the good Lord there is always more beer to be had, but will there ever be another Keeley Hazell?

Keeley Hazell Saying Goodbye to Modeling (Yet Again) in FHM Bikini Pictures

I don’t know exactly what to believe anymore with Keeley Hazell. This is some kind of emotional trampoline though, with her seeming come back to modeling, now FHM running a series about Keeley committed only to acting and being done with modeling. How much up and down can one man take (especially thinking about Keeley going up and down, it’s too much!)

We are men. We  are not toys. When we prick our fingers, do we not bleed? When we finger our pricks, do we not… well, you get the idea. We need constant. And we constantly want to see Keeley Hazell without clothes on, so this latest and greatest announcement best not be the final say.

Take a look at these ‘goodbye bikini’ pictures from Keeley in FHM and see if you don’t start sobbing a bit yourself. Enjoy.

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Keeley Hazell Classic Topless for a Queen Like Royal Tribute

Keeley Hazell Topless Shower Pictorial for Grant Sainsbury
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We get fanmail all the time. As you know, we have the privilege of tearing up at your sweet kind words, or crying little baby girls when you’re biting and nasty. But our favorite letters are the tribute letters to your objects d’ lust, because in them we can feel the real passion. So much so that we often feel like we need a Purell bath after reading.

So was the communication of one ‘Earl D’ who felt a need to remind us, and I suppose we did need reminding, that for all of our Britty glamour model lust, none truly reigned supreme as Keeley Hazell, a legend in her own time (just really a few years ago), and a true giver in our own mind, where Keeley still routinely drops her top and giggles for the benefit of the fantasy machines in our brains.

To wit, EgoReader ‘Earl D’ doesn’t just lament and promote, he provides, an amazing set of Grant Sainsbury photos of the wicked hot British glamour queen, Keeley Hazell, in various states of moisture and undress. Take the time to peruse them all, and for that, you will be a better man, or woman, or young child who is not supposed to be accessing this site but you know how that goes. Enjoy.

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Keeley Hazell Black Lace Photoshoot for Grant Sainsbury