Alessandra Ambrosio’s Tiny White Bikini

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Echo Lawrence - January 21, 2020

Alessandra Ambrosio feels like she's been part of our lives for decades at this point, because she has. She is 38 years old but started modelling at 14, which despite being creepy for obvious reasons, means she's been in the game for 24 years. That's nuts.

She was part of that Brazilian model trend that brought us Gisele, Lima, Beatriz Baros, Goulart and a bunch of other similar aged girls to basically define an era of Victoria's Secret.

The mom of two still looks awesome because I guess 38 isn't that old. With modern science, health and nutrition, maybe some botox, a personal chef and trainer, you can carry it far longer than you could have years ago but she still stepped down from VS two years ago to give the new talent a shot.