Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell Hotness Returns in FHM (Though Not Bare Enough)

We've got to hand it to our friends at FHM, they bagged a big one in the return of glamour model extraordinaire, Keeley Hazell, who is out of her premature retirement and back on the cover of a magazine, where she belongs.

Not to look a supremely sextastic gift horse in the mouth, but, of course, we are dying to see the bare skin of this amazing looking Brit with the body that was downright legendary when it first hit the colorful pages of so many lads magazines.

Still, Keeley is back and we can only desperately hope she's back to stay. Enjoy.

Check out the entire Keeley Hazell preview for the July 2012 Issue of FHM.

Keeley Hazell Topless Pictures To Celebrate Her Comeback From Retirement


She's back! The ridiculously hot wunderkind glamour model known as Keeley Hazell, former Page 3 Idol winner and all around hottie through much of the middle years of the last decade, she's back.

You may recall The Day The Boobtastic Died, when Keeley disappeared suddenly from the sextastic modeling scene a few years ago. We heard secret words about wanting to spend more time with family, wanting to take up serious acting roles, a desperation to save the endangered bugger hawk, something like that. Whatever the reason, we cried into our fake Keeley Hazell previously owned panties for three days straight at the thought of losing such an amazing treasure trove of Egotastic!

But, now she's back. With a pictorial spread in FHM magazine just about to break, it seems as if Keeley has re-found her true calling, regained her selfless perspective, and realized that when Mother Nature gives you such tremendous gifts to please tens of millions, there is some duty to drop your top. All hail the return of Keeley Hazell (and we hail her in our own manner, with some amazingly hot topless pictures). Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Keeley Hazell Perfect Boobs, Aly Michalka Bikini Body Perfection, Lene Nystrom Sex Scene, and Lily Allen Boob Slip


Super boobtastic shoutout to Egotastic! reader 'Danny V.' for uncovering this ode to the perfect breasts of Keeley Hazell, gone from the glamor model circuit, but not the least bit forgotten. At one time, not long ago, Keeley Hazell boobtastic reigned supreme, funbags di tutti funbags. So hot they had to be cast in plaster and made into a 'bust'. Absolute perfection.

While Keeley Hazell once rightfully owned the title of hottest ta-tas, Aly Michalka is no slouch when it comes to top hot body consideration. We'd have to see more, oh, delightful more of Aly Michalka before making any 'top body' declarations, but these bikini pictures from a recent OP brand photoshoot give nice ogle-worthy hints of what lies beneath, and shows off one helluva bikini body. Thanks to 'Dennis M.' for cluing us into this Hellcat hottie hotness. (You pros will note Brenda Song and Katerina Graham alongside Aly Michalka in these pictures.)

You do remember Lene Nystrøm, dont you? Norwegian front singer from the awesomely horrible bubble gum band, Aqua, that brought us such instant classics as Barbie Girl and It's Your Duty (To Shake That Booty), well, dedicated Egotastic! fan 'Erik E.' putting down his Ringnes Pils long enough to alert his fellow fans that Lene is now a thespianic type and getting all kinds of nekkid onscreen, including her birthday suit feature in the latest Varg Veum crime novel turned cinematic. You probably haven't read the book or seen the movie, but you've heard her music and now you've seen her funtastics.

TGIF: Keeley Hazell Sex Tape Retrospective Is Weekend Shoutout to a Classic Hottie (NSFW VIDEO)


End of the work week, good men and women of Egotastic! The four-dollar champagne bottles have been cooled in our NFL All-Stars ice bucket, the Costco franks are on the grill, and we're taking our first look at the full length version of the Karissa Shannon sex tape. (We'll have official comments on that project next week). As we begin to settle off into our latter stages of ketone-laced bliss, six-fingered Gretchen brings up the fact that super Brit hottie, Keeley Hazell, remains one of our most requested celebrities, even though she's been completely off the radar for a couple of years or more now. Everybody wants to know what happened to the super jugtacular Keeley Hazell. We hear tell she moved out to the U.S. to pursue an acting career, maybe met a guy, and maybe settled down. We don't know for sure.

But, we were reminded of how our hearts soared when the original Keeley Hazell sex tape came about, and although it may not linger long on this here portal, we wanted to share it with you, sort of like a All Points Bulletin for the whereabouts of the fantastically sexy Keeley Hazell, a certain first ballot Hall-of-Hotness-Famer.

Have a great weekend from all your friends at Egotastic!

(NOTE: This is an abridged version of the full sex tape. We removed as much dick-view as possible from the very man-laden original. Bear with the substandard video and audio quality -- it's Keeley Hazell for goodness' sakes.)

Keeley Hazell Brings The Fully Loaded Boobage (VIDEO)


There was pretty much universal approval on bringing back a little Keeley Hazell classic boobage to Egotastic!, I mean, who would vote against seeing more of a super hot model with amazing, au natural, fun bags? We probably won't run too many more looks at this now retired pin-up sensation, unless we come across items that demand public viewing. For instance, this lengthy behind the scenes Loaded magazine photoshoot with a lingerie-clad and topless Keeley Hazell. If you've got anywhere from 20 seconds to 20 minutes free, this is a must view. Enjoy.

(Some people would call this video not-safe-for-work. I'd ask those people to change jobs.)

Keeley Hazell Topless Bikini Video Because I Really Miss Keeley Hazell (VIDEO)


There are a few things I've lost in my life that I'm rather happy with having lost. My virginity comes to mind. Also, my girlfriend's Yorkie. But there are definitely things I regret losing. Somewhere at the top of this list is the boobtastic Keeley Hazell, the Page 3 hottie di tutti hottie who simply disappeared from the face of the Egotastic! planet a couple years ago now. Some say she moved to L.A. to become a legit actress (read as: marry a very wealthy man), some say she's now negotiating peace between the Tibetans and the Chinese over longstanding territorial rights issues. Really, it could be either. But I miss her in a bad way. So when I came across this Keeley Hazell topless bikini photoshoot video from about the time she disappeared, well, after I wiped away the tears, I just had to watch it, not twice, but thrice. And share with you. Enjoy.

Keeley Hazell is the Breast, I Mean Best

I don't know what's brought Keeley Hazell back into the spotlight recently, but whatever it is, I'm glad she's back. I think she went to Hollywood to try her hand at acting. I'm guessing that didn't go so well. Too bad. But if that means she's back in front of the still camera, and posing for super sexy shots like these in Zoo magazine, then her career loss is our gain. Now, if she would just get more Keeley Hazell nude pictures, instead of Keeley Hazell lingerie pictures, that'd be the breast. I mean best.