Keeley Hazell

Keeley Hazell Black Lace Photoshoot for Grant Sainsbury

Keeley Hazell Pink Bikini Photoshoot for Grant Sainsbury

Keeley Hazell Wicked Hot Underboob Pictures from FHM

No need for us to re-re-re-express our profound desire to explore every inch of the body of Keeley Hazell with every appendage of our body, and a few foreign objects, because we’ve expressed our deepest lust for this ridiculously hot woman so many times. And we rejoiced when she made her return to the glamour world of hot body modeling in FHM magazine.

And now we rejoice that much more rejoicier that FHM has published a series of new pics of the sextastic Keeley Hazell, flashing all kinds of sneaky peeks of her amazing rack and delicious all-over body, on and off the bike. It’s worth a celebration in these quarters.

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10 Keeley Hazell Topless Yellow Bikini Reasons to Be Excited About Her Comeback

Keeley Hazell Topless in a Yellow Bikini on the Beach Candids
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Poor Keeley Hazell abruptly left us hanging pretty much right after her sex tape hit the digital airwaves. She sort of did a reverse Kim Kardashian. shying away from public attention as the shock of seeing herself getting jiggy with some dude (and if you’ve seen the tape, you know it was way too much dude shooting himself) along with millions of other spectators took her British sensibilities a bit aghast.

But with what now seems like the return of truly one of the hottest girls in Hottieville, we continue to provide evidence as to why you too should be excited at the prospect of new Keeley Hazell work, including this past year’s best bikini candids truly, Keeley in her yellow bikini that does not stay on for long along the beach. Sometimes when I look at her bare body for too long, tears begin to form in my eyes, and I swear, that’s why my desk is covered with tissues. I invite you to experience your own emotional rollercoaster. Enjoy.

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Why Do We Want Keeley Hazell Back So Badly? Here’s Four Topless Reasons

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My piloxing instructor and drinking buddy (more the latter really, well, almost entirely the latter) Felipe Fistimuff was asking me why we made such a big deal last week about the return of Keeley Hazell to the public spotlight and private views in magazines. He didn’t get the excitement felt by myself and so many of you, and, I can’t help but feel that there are a few of you still out there not feeling the jazz.

Thankfully, this coincided with a little foursome gift from EgoReader ‘Ben J.’ who knows that a picture tells a thousand words, so he sent us four thousand words worth of Keeley Hazell in a little topless workout tease that ought to serve as a little edumentatainment for those of you not yet fully feeling the ‘Keeley is back!’ kind of shwing. You’ll get it soon. Enjoy.

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Keeley Hazell Hotness Returns in FHM (Though Not Bare Enough)

We’ve got to hand it to our friends at FHM, they bagged a big one in the return of glamour model extraordinaire, Keeley Hazell, who is out of her premature retirement and back on the cover of a magazine, where she belongs.

Not to look a supremely sextastic gift horse in the mouth, but, of course, we are dying to see the bare skin of this amazing looking Brit with the body that was downright legendary when it first hit the colorful pages of so many lads magazines.

Still, Keeley is back and we can only desperately hope she’s back to stay. Enjoy.

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Keeley Hazell Topless Pictures To Celebrate Her Comeback From Retirement

Thank God It's Funbags!

She’s back! The ridiculously hot wunderkind glamour model known as Keeley Hazell, former Page 3 Idol winner and all around hottie through much of the middle years of the last decade, she’s back.

You may recall The Day The Boobtastic Died, when Keeley disappeared suddenly from the sextastic modeling scene a few years ago. We heard secret words about wanting to spend more time with family, wanting to take up serious acting roles, a desperation to save the endangered bugger hawk, something like that. Whatever the reason, we cried into our fake Keeley Hazell previously owned panties for three days straight at the thought of losing such an amazing treasure trove of Egotastic!

But, now she’s back. With a pictorial spread in FHM magazine just about to break, it seems as if Keeley has re-found her true calling, regained her selfless perspective, and realized that when Mother Nature gives you such tremendous gifts to please tens of millions, there is some duty to drop your top. All hail the return of Keeley Hazell (and we hail her in our own manner, with some amazingly hot topless pictures). Enjoy.

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