Kate Moss Sweater Pokies For Vogue UK

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bill-swift - April 7, 2016

Back when I was in high school Kate Moss was THE supermodel. It's easy to see why. All these years later, she is still one of the sexiest women on the planet. In this spread for Vogue UK, you can see why. It must have been chilly when they took these pictures because she is nipping for realsies. She exemplifies the thin but slinky sexy silhouette. Kate isn't who you go to when you want buxom and curvy, but I am all about how perfect her pert boobies are. We've all seen them naked many times before, but it never gets old...kinda like her. I don't know if she takes a multivitamin or what but she looks as good now as she did 20 years ago. 

I can see us still talking about Kate in ten years when she is still giving us feelings down below. 

Photo Credit: Vogue UK