Kate Moss Red Bikini Showoff Time in Ibiza

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bill-swift - August 15, 2014

Kate Moss simply won't ever quit hanging out in the sun in her little two piece bikinis. Sometimes less. Today it was a red bikini on the coastline of Ibiza. Not a bad place to be in August if you have to be somewhere. It looks more fun than my office. With Kate Moss on bikini patrol, it looks much better than my office.

Kate Moss has to be commended for being one of the veteran hot moms who continues to flaunt her body, even as it becomes perhaps slightly less perfect than her million dollar modeling days. We need to encourage this among our MILFtastic ladies. And among super models, we need to super encourage it. Say what you will about Kate Moss, I bet she's really fun to vacation with. Enjoy.