Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale in Simple, But Simply Hot Photoshoot for L.A. Magazine

I must admit, the only city-specific periodicals I peruse are the ones that contain coupons for chili-cheese fries or ads with dudes bartering guitar lessons for massages, only after midnight, natch. But when I heard L.A. magazine had photos of Kate Beckinsale, hot damn, that's better than greasy fries or a massage from a dude named Dustin who swears he likes chicks.

Kate Beckinsale is so hot I could read her parking tickets and become aroused. So even a simply hot photoshoot is going to have me in some kind of libidinal spasms for the next eleven to seventeen minutes. Such is her mighty power. Enjoy.

Victoria Beckham Grabs Eva Longoria Funbags To Lead Sextastic Celebrity Twitpic Roundup

Bear with us, wait, make that, bare with us, as we skipped a week in our Twitpic roundups so this week's edition is especially robust, if you will. There are some remarkable photos provided by the self-publishing hands of celebrities who when they can't get enough attention, stoke some more by distributing their own private and personal photos, often quite intimate. Which, we just happen to love.

This week's roundup includes the seriously gaunt Victoria Beckham fondling Eva Longoria at an Oscar weekend party, Coco showing why she's the Twitpic queen, Sofia Vergara getting dressed, Nina Agdal personal bikini pics, and much more more...

All must sees. Check them out. And, enjoy

Kate Beckinsale and Zoe Saldana Among the Hotties Lighting Up the Independent Spirit Awards

The annual Independent Spirit Awards are always held the day before the Oscars, and they're kind of like the Oscars for indie films, except that everybody feels obliged to dress and act all 'indie' and even the big stars and big studios pretend that they're struggling artists just trying to get decent low budget films made. It's kind of a big charade, but a big charade that includes some super sextastic celebrities each year, so we always pay attention.

And this year we were rewarded with the presence of our be-lusted Kate Beckinsale, a slender-ific looking Zoe Saldana, Kirsten Dunst ever fappable, new to us hottie, Beth Behrs, and Anna Kendrick, who we can't help but imagine playing ride 'em cowboy with (you insert your own mental image here), but that overbite and bosom are literally killing us here. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Ever Ever So Ever Hot at Costume Designers Guild Awards

We could watch Kate Beckinsale drop an angry deuce behind Fatburgers after a round of bad chili-cheese fries and we'd be captivated by her hotness. (I can't say the same for my former friend Ted Tuesday, who I quit hanging out with after he made this a horrible Saturday evening habit.)

Kate was all decked out and looking might fine as ever as she presented some Oscar week awards for the Costume Designers Guild last night. Of course, our favorite costume on Kate is her birthday suit, that goes for any of our sexy celebrities, though I do suppose those costume designers do deserve some awards for designing such things as Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow costume for The Avengers. That's a something.

And so is Kate, our eternally be-lustable MILF, who we'd sure like to smear with Nutella and find a way to wipe clean (yes, I know, overshare). Enjoy.

2012 Grammy Award Hottie Rodeo: Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale, Katy Cocktease, and Anne Vyalitsyna

I must admit, we got half way through our Grammy Hotties list last night, had a bit too much to drink, and when we woke up today, we were still kind of pleasantly surprised with our original list.

We picked Anne Vyalitsyna as our top hottie of the night, even though she has nothing to do with music short of she-banging the craptastic out of Maroon 5's Adam Levine, which is definitely a big something something for Adam. But we had to give it up for that slit dress of hers. Quite amazing.

We also felt pangs in our loins for Rihanna and Katy Cocktease, who we showed you earlier today canoodling and playing grabby hands. Rounding out our sextastic list were uber-hottie Kate BeckinsaleMalin Akerman, Fergie, and, okay, sue me, Billionaire Barbie who looked hot enough to donkey punch at last nights big music event. Just based upon the amount of skin showing, we're hoping there might be a trend here headed into the Oscars. Fingers and legs crossed. Enjoy.

Kate Beckinsale Ever So Awesomely Hot at Spanish Premiere of ‘Underworld’

Granted, we were not big fans of Underworld Awakening, kind of like a video game but you're not playing, just watching. Meh. But, what we are forever monster fans of is Kate Beckinsale uber-sextastic, again on display in Madrid last night at the Spanish premiere of her new film. That body in that dress, oofdah, we just want to make oh so many babies with this MILF-extraordinaire.

Is it actually possible to be any hotter than Kate Beckinsale? We can only hope there comes a day when we find out. Enjoy.