Kate Beckinsale Bosoms Unleashed For Christian Dior Cruise After Party

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bill-swift - June 1, 2016

Uber MILFtastic Kate Beckinsale has been sharing a tale about how Michael Bay told her she wasn't pretty enough or too fat for her eventual role in Pearl Harbor some fifteen years ago now. Which makes me want to go back in time and punch Michael Bay in the kidney. What a putz. Kate Beckinsale has always been amazing looking. An especially hot specimen of the species, of the fairer sex and the sextastic variety. This continues to this day as a mom in her Forties and Faptastic where Kate shines like almost no other among her peers.

Kate was out decked out for the Christian Dior Cruise After Party, which sounds almost precisely like an event I would never ever be invited to, looking like a billion damn dollars. Kate was flashing sideboob like a bold 20-something, but realizing that as a veteran hottie she knows precisely how to own the room. That's the benefit of a few years and wisdom points under the belt. Braless like you mean it, Kate. I think I need to chew on my happy rag for a few minutes not to calm down. Such is the power of one super fine mom. Oh, my. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash