Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Red Bikini On Miami Beach

Fitness guru and hot person Jennifer Nicole Lee was spotted looking sexy as F in a red bikini in Miami Beach. It’s no surprise given her profession that Jennifer is in redonkulously amazing shape. You could bounce quarters off of her abs. But she’s no flat-chested body builder with pecs instead of boobies. She’s got an unbelievable rack. They are perfectly spherical. Her ta-tas are the very definition of pert. As if that wasn’t enough, her bikini bottom shows off her tight booty splendidly. She looks like she can really shake that tuchus. I don’t know that for a fact but it’s just a feeling I get. I like Jennifer because even though she’s in incredible shape, she’s still got curves. That’s exercising the right areas and letting the others be their natural selves.

I would probably get motivated to go and exercise more if I had someone who looked like Jennifer to motivate me. I’d even put up with friggin’ Zumba to look at her and I hate Zumba.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Comes to the Egotastic! Offices For 2 Random Minutes (VIDEO)

You know how I feel about hot women. You know how I feel about hot moms. And you better believe when I read that BBW turned MILFtastic fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee was newly single and in need of a man, I went and bought out the entire shelf of Axe body spray options at the local CVS. Then I called up Jennifer and invited her out to Los Angeles to meet her odiferous destiny. As with all sextastic women I meet, all she wanted to do was talk. Such is my lot in life. But I did get Jennifer to share a little bit of her fun, naughty fitness mommy self for my camera before she punched me and took my milk money.

Check out my Random 2 Minutes interview with Jennifer Nicole Lee and see if you don’t experience flashbacks to the first toned spin instructor whoever yelled submissive lust into your heart. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Working Out Like a MILFtastic Champ

Whoa, somebody’s getting into even more stellar physical shape and it’s not me. But BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is putting her body money where her mouth is. Not just talking the fitness talk, but walking, running, punching, tugging, grunting, and sweating the workout walk. Holy fitness freak, Batman.

Just look at that tone Jennifer is groaning herself into with ropes and gloves and all sorts of exercise equipment that gives me the willies thinking about for myself. But on Jennifer, it sure looks great. If you tell her otherwise, she’d probably bench press you into oblivion. I might like that, if she was in a bikini while doing so. Keep up the good work, Jennifer. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Gets Wet In Miami

Fitness expert and sexy person Jennifer Nicole Lee got all wet and wild for a photo shoot in Miami. She was wearing a revealing bikini that showed off her talent. By talent I mean her gorgeous funbags. There is some cleavage here for the ages. The bottom also nicely displayed her perfectly toned booty. The photogs made her get all wet under a poolside shower which is pretty darn sexy. There aren’t enough pics of chicks in bikinis taking showers. It seems like such a no-brainer for a sexy picture. Her second outfit looked like something my grandmother macromed and put on the wall in the 70′s. The good news is that it is full of holes and you can see a lot of her lovely tanned skin underneath.

I’m no fitness expert by any means but whatever fitness stuff Jennifer is doing is working. She’s perfectly toned and muscular. Look at her stomach, it’s amazing. What woman wouldn’t want abs like that?

Jennifer Nicole Lee Denim Mini Skirt for Mall Shopping

While we’re used to leering at the wardrobe malfunctioning BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee around the pool, let us not forgot how showy the hot-bodied mom dresses for her shopping trips and running errands about Miami. It’s usually not much.

For today’s expedition, Jennifer chose a showy top and a super tight, super short denim skirt. The kind you see on… well, the kind you typically don’t see on innocent mommies. Which makes them all the hotter barely covering up her toned, muscular legs. She really is a community treat. Naughty dressed moms make the mall what it is for me — barely tolerable. Bless you JNL. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Soccer Playing Tributes the World Cup Finale

Everybody got into World Cup fever this past month, including BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee who was kicking around the soccer ball on the beach during the finals of the World Cup. Naturally, Jennifer had to shower off in public after working up a soccer sweat.

Jennifer does not do anything half-assed, though often bare-assed. She prefers the colorful bikinis, occasionally falling off, for as much attention as possible along the South Florida shoreline. Some may call this being obvious and exhibitionist, I say, what’s wrong with that. As long as I get my ogle eyeful, I never question motives. One time a buddy of mine was getting actively picked up at a party by an attractive woman and he asked me what I thought was her real motivation. So I had to punch him in the neck just to remind him that wasn’t an appropriate question. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Stretching In South Beach

Fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee did some deep knee bends and hot squats in South Beach. I’m not exactly what you would call a fitness buff, as shown by my giant ass. But I would pump iron like a Jersey Shore ‘roid head if I got to look at someone like Jennifer at my gym. Mainly my gym has sweaty dudes with sweaty low hanging fruit. She’s got a pretty spectacular set of dumbbells on her and they look particularly awesome in this leopard workout thing she has on. It is important to stretch before you work out so you don’t pull something. It’s even more vital to do so if you are incredibly hot and fit.The pants are pretty tight and there is just a hint of camel toe. Which makes me want to work out my biceps, if you know what I mean.

Where do you look at pictures of fitness models? Lululemon catalogs? Fitness magazines? I’m going to find out.