Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee Cat Swimsuit Me-Sextastic-Ow

BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee knows how to get visually notorious around the pools of Miami. I’d definitely invite her to my backyard affairs. And, by backyard affair, I mean the inflatable tub I quickly blow up in my bedroom for a night swim with the lovely hot mama. I know Jennifer’s married so I’m willing to take a vow of silence, except for maybe a couple key minutes there during our brief swim when I shall be screaming aloud.

Jennifer Nicole got all eyes on her kitty as she entered and exited the pool, frontside and backside, wet and drippy and showing off her super toned mommy body. I’m not sure how long I could survive such sights by a pool without the need for a cold shower and maybe a bucket or two of saltpeter. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee, a Little Shopping, a Little Upskirt Panties Flashing

I suppose the most surprising aspect of these gotcha upskirts from BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is the presence of panties. Not that I don’t love those little cotton and silken thongs of joy, but this naughty mom seems like she might go to the mall in a short dress commando style every now and then as well. It’s a great way for the kids to learn where babies come from, in the least.

As much as I do loathe the entire process of shopping for anything that isn’t sold at Home Depot, I must admit, seeing hot moms walking about in short dresses, toned sweet ass cheeks, and pretty white panties would make the process ever so much more sufferable, if not sextastic. Hot moms, please pay attention to how JNL does it, then follow suit. Literally. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Can’t Keep Her Bikinis From Falling Off Her Hot Mommy Body

Ah, the troubled tying skills of BBW turned MILFtastic fitness Jennifer Nicole Lee as once more her bathing suit seems to be falling away from her lower body and nearly flashing her lady nest to the family audience around her Miami resort pool. I don’t remember seeing quite such sights at the community pool I used to be dropped off at three months out of the year and told not to drown and ask strangers for food. Floaters were the least of the concerns at that public basin.

Jennifer Nicole Lee may be, um, arranging her wardrobe malfunctions, but there’s no doubt her butt and toned body are must-sees as her bikinis come on and nearly off as she parades about the waterways and beaches of South Florida. I mean, there’s a tease and then there’s a tease you wake up extra early and head to the pool to make sure you don’t miss. I’m mostly just very happy for the pubescent boys in the area. Lucky bastards. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Splishy-Splashy Nippletastic Wet T-Shirt Attack on Miami Beach

You know, I simply don’t remember the moms on my block growing up looking quite like BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. I mean, sure, the means were always coming out of the ocean we didn’t live near in see-through wet t-shirts, showing off their ridiculously strong female forms and brazen happy nipples. Who didn’t see that from the neighborhood moms as a kid? But the posing and the preening and the stretching and the making-me-screams bottomside, that’s what sets this ridiculously hot bodied mom apart from the other ladies at the PTA.

For all the work of haute couture designers, there’s never really been a top fashioned for ladies that exceeds the wet white t-shirt in terms of sheer allure. And when the headlights get flipped on to full beneath, well, suck on that fashionistas. This is the real eye-popping wardrobes. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Covered Topless Photoshoot

Jennifer Nicole Lee Ass-Erts MILFtastic Credentials at the Beach in Miami

The tiger really is the perfect symbol for BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. It’s stealthy, vicious, and will eat you for dinner all while you’re trying to pet it and call it kitty. Just like Jennifer’s keester boldly protruding from her backside on various beach maneuvers in Miami in her one-piece tiger print swimsuit.

Now, I’ve viewed many moms dipping into the ocean for a cool-off, but none have quite perfected the art like Jennifer Nicole stretching and preening on the beach for gentleman oglers far and wide. Oh, mama, you do impress with that toned thang. Even apples are jealous today of Jennifer’s shape. Enjoy.

BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Nicole Lee Does Not Lose Her Bikini Poolside in Miami

I’ve come to expect the unexpected in life. Well, perhaps more so, I’m just to slow witted to see things coming so when they do, I’m always kind of surprised. Case in point, BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee spent an entire afternoon in a tiny bikini by the pool in Miami and the darn thing never came off. Top and bottom did not come undone. I did not expect that.

Nevertheless, the glowing mom still managed to put on quite the display of toned body goodness by the pool, her two piece swimsuit barely covering up her worked-out body dipping in and out of the pool, flashing the very nice mommy-edition whale tail for gentleman oglers everywhere. I guess Shia LaBeouf was right when he said if you live long enough, you will see everything. Enjoy.