Jennifer Nicole Lee

Jennifer Nicole Lee Wet and Wild and Wanton MILF Poolside in Miami

Nobody quite works the poolside shower like BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee. This mom was born to get in and out of swimming pools, work the stair rail like a stripper pole, and flash her heavily worked out hot mommy body in never quite fitting swimsuits. If there was a bell every time somebody got a boner, the pool area of her condo complex would sound like a pinball machine.

I can’t imagine there will ever be a super invention to moms with hot bodies showing off for the younger men. It’s not just an innate fantasy, it’s the height of the sextastic. Sure, the young girls are nice. But they don’t know what the veteran hot moms do. Even Carmen Electra said sex at forty was much better than twenty because now she knows exactly what she wants. Oh, JNL, I bet you know exactly what you want to. I’d like you to teach me. I’ll gladly stay after class. Hot moms make the world go-round. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Covered Nekkid for Bubbly Pimping Time

All this time you were wondering what future job BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee could obtain with her very public skills of wardrobe malfunctions and nearly R-rated moments at the local pool. Well, welcome to champagne pimping 101, featuring the nekkid but unfortunately slightly bottled covered yoked body of the lady trainer and super teasy PTA mom.

Jennifer Nicole has been delighting us with her various degrees of lack of wardrobe for a couple years or more now. It’s about time she got placed in the pages of magazines and advertisements doing just the same. You don’t get to choose your own parents, but I would have liked to have chosen the parents for some of my childhood friends and made on of their moms Jennifer Nicole Lee. That sure would’ve improved the growing up experience. At least expedited it. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Slit Skirt Shows Off Her Mommy Long Legs

I get the feeling that BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee doesn’t just pick out her out and about outfits willy nilly. Nor does she probably just pick out what’s on top of the laundry pile as I’ve been doing since age seven. Still, always the Spiderman tee. She seems to narrow down her choice between short, tight, slit cut dresses and, actually, that’s about it. But bless her for it because this working out mom has the body to carry off such a showy in public feat, nearly flashing all of her legs, some of her sweet cheeks, and nearly her finer portions getting in and out of her car and preparing for a little shopping trip in a slinky thigh high cut dress that my grandma never would’ve let me mom leave the house in.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has the body of a hard yoked hot mommy goddess and I’m personally fashion policing her wardrobe with a medal of recognition rather than an arrest. Though I would like the chance to frisk and handcuff Jennifer, you never know what kinds of dangerous object she might be hiding. I assure you, I’ll find them all. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Bikini Pictures Continue Their Sextastic Struggle To Keep That Darn Bikini On

I don’t know, maybe it’s time for BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee to stop shopping at the Bikinis That Fall Off store and maybe hit up the PacSun or Macy’s or something. Then again, if Jennifer ever were to start wearing bikinis that didn’t fall off every time she got in and out of the water in Miami, I know I’d miss the views of her barely-clad, hard worked out mommy body. So, all things considered, I hope she continues to wear the swimsuits with the shoddy tie-strings.

Jennifer Nicole Lee has mastered two arts: fitness and giving happy feelings to boys and men who happen to be sharing her same swimming pool or beach front for the afternoon. I’m going to go ahead and dub her one of my favorite artists, though I’ll still say Chagall when girls at cocktail parties ask me. I do try to pretend to be interesting. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee, One Bikini, One Ocean, One Bottle of Champagne

I have no idea if BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is pimping the bubbly, herself, or maybe just the sandy shores of Miami, or maybe all of the above. But I declare it to be working.

The hardest working and hardest bodied mom in Miami applied her talents to a photoshoot right along the warm Atlantic shores, with the lucky whitecaps rolling up and over her tanned, toned bikini body. Lucky ocean. Jennifer makes this whole working mom thing look pretty simple. Step one, get a killer bikini body and exhibit it frequently in public. Step two, repeat step one until everybody is smiling. Enjoy.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Sizzles in Beach Bikini Shoot

Fitness guru and model Jennifer Nicole Lee took time out from helping fatties lose weight to pose in a tiny leopard print bikini in Miami Beach. The bathing suit is barely there at all. The top basically covers her nips and the bottom is little more than a tiny strip of cloth. It’s like the ultimate after pic. Jenn used to be a bit of a chubber until she got into redonkulously good shape. The best most of us can hope for is to lose enough weight so that we don’t have to use the seat belt extender on an airplane. You could play rhythm section for a friggin’ bluegrass song on those abs. I would totally go to the gym if she was my trainer. All you need is a little motivation. There is something about a girl in a leopard print bikini that makes me get a special feeling in my underpants.

Jennifer Nicole Lee Wears Only Boxing Gloves to Punch Your Hard Parts

BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee surely knows how to pose for a picture. Outside of her expertise in working bodies into hard shapes, I think her knowledge of showmanship comes a close second. Make that show woman ship. Jennifer Nicole Lee is all that, even when endeavoring in the bodybuilding arena, or in this case, the fine art of nekkid pugilism.

The grand mommy tease has managed to cover up her fun bits with a pair of boxing gloves in a message that seems to be, you can have me, if you can survive my jabs and roundhouses. I’m not sure I could. Then again, being resuscitated by a nekkid Jennifer Nicole Lee doesn’t seem half bad either. A no lose bargain. Ring the bell. Enjoy.